E-commerce website experience and lessons

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First, do the Product browsing function (category navigation)

If the company is small, then the search function is not the focus, the focus is to do a good product browsing function, that is, to provide navigation, a variety of channel page navigation, create-oriented shopping.

Second, the basic of commodity search is efficient

  There are two ways to implement search, one is to rely on a third-party API, and the other is to write it yourself. But the most important thing is to know clearly, the search function provided by the SEO impact on how much, especially in the stage of building brand image.

Each URL of the platform must be rigorously tested to ensure that all URLs are valid. If you make a change, such as a URL turn, you need to make a permanent 301 change immediately, and use the appropriate HTTP feedback code to let SE's crawler tools know what's going on.

At the end of the product to do a differentiated classification, even if the results of the search products on the surface of the same, we still need to work on a detailed level of classification, so that customers can quickly find their desired products.

Third, to make reasonable and correct guidance

If the customer won't be can not find the product they want, we must find ways to retain the customer's footsteps, we have to make the right guidance.

    1. Do not force the user to register the account before the purchase activity.
    2. Do not try to use short, purely gimmick tricks to obtain personal information about users. such as: Discount promotions, but when the user orders to find that they are accompanied by harsh implementation conditions.
    3. A minimalist logout experience. If the user has not registered an account, the final choice to add a lot of goods, if the user choose to register an account, the previous browsing history or shopping cart records must be able to seamlessly link up, thereby eliminating duplication of work.
    4. The right self-introduction. The product is the most attractive to the user, the user generally does not have much interest in your pioneering work history.

Four, constantly improve the function of shopping cart

Shopping cart function is old technology, but does not mean there is no room for improvement. You can " buy it now ", or think about it, and put the product in " favorites " or "Add to cart ".

prepare for global payment

If the user base is distributed around the world, the online payment function integration is necessary, and then as much as possible to integrate other payment methods.

Don't let go of every opportunity to increase your buying rate and visibility.

Other than that

If you are starting a company, you must think twice before adding new features. Because any change will affect the user's habits, which will also affect the final rate.

E-commerce website experience and lessons

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