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1e Letter Client

2.wifi Sharing wizard

At the beginning of the school, Hubei students have been lost for a while, because the discovery of the WiFi Sharing wizard can not use. Do not know to use "while, outsmart" suitable to describe the relationship between WiFi sharing and e-letter. Before that, the network finally appeared the crack scheme, the campus network can also share. After receiving the news, the student race was crazy. Here, I would like to ask the other people do not know how to crack it? If you do not know, then you can continue to look down:

 First, E letter does not upgrade the Replicable method:

Previously, e-letter restrictions on the use of WiFi Sharing wizard and other network sharing software, in addition to a few solutions, can be as long as e-letter upgrade, these programs are not applicable. However, the student clan still has a few technical great God, actually study besides new crack method.

The specific steps are as follows:

1. Operate in a disconnected network environment, first find the Boss E Letter installation folder, see the following figure selected file not (some computers may not see this file suffix ini, regardless of it as long as the name of the previous version of the line);

2. Choose to open this file with Notepad after the following three lines of code copy, the original code all deleted, and then copy the following code up, save close, as shown:




3. Return to the E letter of the first installation of the folder, the following figure to find the same version file, is the same as the previous file name, but the file inside the code is not the same, the same with Notepad to call the operation of step two to do again on the line;

4. Finally all closed with the old version of E-letter connection broadband should be no problem or restart the computer network, and then open the WiFi Sharing wizard can share the Internet.

  Second, e-letter cracking method:

1. Set the e-letter network to be shared;

2. DNS of the wired network used by the query (e-mail network name is called chinanet), change the wizard's DNS server address to the same, so that the use of the WiFi-sharing wizard is no problem.

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