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1. Brief Introduction to male voice software

Weiwei voice is an Internet-based team voice communication platform developed by Guangzhou duowan Information Technology Co., Ltd, free voice software with powerful features, clear sound quality, secure and stable, resource-free, suitable for game players, and interactive teaching. Commonly used YY representation on the network.

2. Download and install software

Open the http://www.yy.com to download the YY voice software, the latest version is 5.2, such. If you are using an Apple iPad, iPhone, or Android phone, you can also download the mobile phone version.

3. register an account

After the installation is complete, click the desktop icon to run the YY voice software, as shown in. If you have an account, you can log on directly. If you need to register an account, click "register account" in the lower left corner of the software to start the account registration process. Registration is simple, so we will not describe it here.

4. Join the Electronic School Group

After registration and login, we open the main interface, then we can search for our group by the magnifier icon in the lower right corner. The group number is 7182393. The YY group is similar to the QQ group and can be used for text communication.

5. Join the Electronic School Channel

After registration and login, we open the main interface, then we can search for our channel by the magnifier icon in the lower right corner, name: iboard Emy. We can search for the Keyword: Electronic School.


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