Early iOS development: Introduction to multimedia development

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This article and a series of subsequent articles will introduce the use of multimedia (multimedia) in iOS development.

Multimedia multimedia includes audio, video, and image. In iOS, there is a dedicated layer, that is, the media layer. The framework involved is as follows:

#1 graphics technology

1. Core graphics framework

2. Core animation framework

3. Quartz core framework

4. core image framework

5. glkit framework // OPEN GL ES

6. core text framework

7. image I/O framework

8. Assets Library Framework

#2 audio technologies Audio Technology

1. Media Player framework

2. avfoundation framework

3. openal framework

4. Core Audio Framework

5. audiotoolbox framework

6. Audio Unit framework

7. Core MIDI framework

8. Media toolbox framework

#3 video technologies

1. Media Player framework

2. avfoundation framework

3. core media framework

4. uiimagepickercontroller

If the above frameworks contain "core", they are basically lower-level frameworks, while others are higher-level frameworks.

To study multimedia, the most important iOS development documents should be:

1. multimedia programming guide

2. avfoundation programming guide

3. Core animation programming guide

4. core image programming guide

By studying this part of content, you can learn how to play, record, and process various audios, play videos, and process photos and cameras in iOS development, this is an essential technology for developing non-game multimedia applications.

The next article will begin with the audio section.

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