Early Summer health care should clear away heat and dampness

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In addition to the hot summer, it also features wet. In southern China, the southeast monsoon with a large volume of water vapor is prevalent in summer. Due to the collision of warm and warm air streams, the rainfall increased significantly in summer. At this time, it is the time when plum blossom is yellow, so it is commonly known as "yellow plum rain ". Although the emergence of Plum Rain is beneficial to the growth of spring sowing crops, the hot and humid climate brings trouble to health.

It is easy to cause "fire" after summer ". Heatstroke symptoms caused by rising temperatures are called "external fires". measures such as heatstroke prevention and ventilation can be taken to prevent external fires; the "inner fire" is quite complicated and difficult to identify in Chinese medicine.

"Inner fire" is the internal heat evidence of human yin and yang disorders, according to TCM syndrome differentiation can be divided into heart fire, lung fire, stomach fire, liver fire four types.

● Fire, real and false. False fire mainly manifested in low fever, sweating, palpitations, upset, insomnia, forgetful, on the diet can often eat Lotus rice porridge, or use shengdi, maidong and other tea; the main manifestation of solid fire is repeated oral ulcer, dry mouth, short and red urine, upset and anger, can guide the red or Niuhuang Qingxin pills to reduce the fire.

● Lung fire, manifested as dry cough Without phlegm or sputum less sticky, hot and sweaty, hot hands and feet, insomnia, two red, dry mouth, hoarse voice, tongue red. You can use Lily, red dates, and rice to cook porridge, or make tea with ginseng and maidong.

● Gaocheng, divided into actual and false. False fire is manifested in light cough, less food intake, constipation, bloating, red tongue, less Moss, diet can eat pear juice, sugar cane juice, honey, etc; solid fire is manifested in good food, hunger, upper abdominal discomfort, dry mouth, dry stool, can use Gardenia, light bamboo tea to drink.

● Liver fire, often manifested in high blood pressure, headache, dizziness, tinnitus, dry eyes, bad breath, anger, two ribs pain, irritability, red tongue side, can take Niuhuang Qingxin pills or Niuhuang shangqing tablets.

If there is "inner fire", in addition to eating more tea, eat more fruit, should also maintain a good mood, in order to clear the fire.

Summer health care should eat more heat and dampness food. Common foods for invigorating the spleen and dampness include: winter melon, pumpkin, bitter dish, ginger, lotus root, lotus seeds, barley, yam, etc. Besides, you must make good use of garlic, ginger, vinegar and other condiments to increase appetite.

The summer health Sutra is in the summer of May 5. In the early summer, the temperature increased significantly, and thunderstorms increased.

At this time, the body's metabolism, growth and development are also accelerated, and nutrition needs to be supplemented in a timely manner. In the beginning of summer, we need to maintain the heart and Yang, and at the same time adjust the spleen and stomach to adapt to the hot weather.

In the early summer, we should pay attention to the maintenance of spleen and stomach, mainly light foods with low fat, low salt, and multi-vitamins, such as glutinous rice, mung bean, Loach, quail, chicken, kelp, loofah, Lily, lettuce, Houttuynia, lentils, strawberries, cherries, and green tea.

Loach flat, flavor Gan; spleen, lung Meridian. Contains protein, sugar, minerals, vitamin content is higher than ordinary fish and shrimp, low fat, less cholesterol, and contains unsaturated fatty acids, is conducive to human resistance to Vascular Aging, it has the functions of warming and benefiting the gas, strengthening the essence of blood and so on, and is hailed as "ginseng in the water ".

Mung Bean cold, sweet; heart, liver, stomach, heat and detoxification, quenching thirst, swelling, lipid-lowering.

Lentils are flat and sweet. It can strengthen the spleen and stomach, increase appetite, reduce blood sugar, and the Amylase Inhibitor contained in lentils can reduce blood sugar in the body. It can enhance cell immune function and improve hematopoietic function.

Loofah is cool, sweet and sweet; stomach, liver meridian, has the function of reducing heat and benefiting intestinal, removing wind and phlegm, cooling blood detoxification, through the active network, Qi and Removing Blood Stasis, etc, it is a natural beauty agent that eliminates freckles, whitelists, and wrinkles. Long-term edible, can make the skin become smooth, delicate.

Strawberry flavor, acid; spleen, lung meridian, with runfei shengjin, spleen and stomach, liangxue Jiedu effect. The vitamins and pectin in strawberries have certain effects on the improvement of constipation and the treatment of hemorrhoids, hypertension and high blood fat.

Cherry temperature, sweet; spleen, stomach, has the effect of supplementing qi, phlegm and other functions. Cherries are high in iron content, ranking first in the fruit, which can prevent and control iron deficiency anemia, enhance physical fitness, and increase brain puzzle. Cherries have the power of Supplementing Qi and qi, which can be used to dehumidify the wind, and is also beneficial to rheumatism waist and leg pain. Cherry or Yi? A href = "http://jbk.39.net/keshi/waike/gc/9d195.html" target = "_ blank" class = "blue"> hemorrhoids? It helps the kidney to detoxify and has a mild laxative effect.

Mulberry cold, sweet; liver and kidney. Mulberry contains acid, fatty acid, Apple acid and other substances, which can help the spleen and stomach to assist digestion, and can be used to treat diarrhea caused by indigestion. Mulberry contains fatty acids such as linoleic acid, stearate and linoleic acid, which can decompose fat, reduce blood lipids, and prevent vascular hardening. The urafine contained in mulberry can make the hair black and shiny.

It is recommended that the following sections introduce a group of lixia Food & therapy party: raw material of quail soup: 1 quail, 20 grams of red beans, ginger, salt each appropriate amount.

Production: wash the quail after slaughter, and wash the red beans. Put quail, red beans, and ginger in the pot together, add the appropriate amount of water, cook them to maturity, and add salt.

Efficacy: Spleen and Stomach, dehumidification, diuretic.

Lotus seeds: 1 pork belly, 50 grams of Lotus meat, sesame oil, salt, onion, ginger, garlic each amount. Production: wash the pork belly, lotus seeds to the heart, water; the lotus seeds into the pork belly, suture with lines, put in the pot, add water, stew and find out; pork belly cut into fine silk, with lotus seeds into the dish, add spices such as sesame oil, salt, scallions, ginger, and garlic and mix them with pork belly.

Efficacy: Qi buxu, spleen and stomach. Rundry soy bean ribs soup raw materials: 100 grams of soy beans, 250 grams of pork ribs, salt amount.

Production: soy bean soaked for 15 minutes, ribs washed and then slightly salted with a little salt. Both of them are in the same pot, add the appropriate amount of water, and enter the pot for 2 hours.

Efficacy: dehumidification heat, dampness.

Xiaoman health care Sutra this year's xiaoman is May 21. Small full temperature increases, the amount of rainfall increases, at this time the human body due to summer work requires a lot of energy and energy, so especially the need for irrigation and nutrition supplement of qi and blood. The principle of health care is: first, we need to cultivate the heart and Yang through diet, exercise, emotion, and other health care means, so that the blood is the master, and the gods are hidden. Secondly, we need to strengthen the spleen and qi, and the spleen is mainly transported, make biochemical sources, the limbs have to raise; again to wet phlegm, Qi Xuan lung, prevent the occurrence of wet phlegm and skin disease.

Small full diet to adjust the diet to light, regular food has the function of dampness and phlegm food, such as red beans, Coix seeds, mung beans, melon, loofah, cucumber, celery, lentils, Houttuynia, duck meat, lean pork, eggs, yellow croaker, lotus leaf, jujube, etc. Do not eat food that is delicious and wet, such as animal fat or marine fish.

Yellow Croaker flat, taste Gan; into the stomach, kidney, large and small yellow croaker are appetizing Qi and other functions. Yellow Croaker has a very beneficial effect, especially for middle-aged and elderly people with weak constitution, eating yellow croaker will receive a very good therapeutic effect. Yellow croaker is rich in trace element Se, which can clear free radicals produced by human metabolism, delay Aging and prevention of various cancers.

Duck meat is cold, sweet; into the kidney, spleen, stomach, lung meridian, with nourishing yin and nourishing the stomach, Lishui swelling effect, can treat dry throat, cough less phlegm, it is especially suitable for people with heat and fire in their bodies.

Coix seeds of slight cold, sweet, light; spleen, stomach, lung, large intestine, with spleen, dampness, diuretic and other functions, suitable for the Spleen and Stomach weak to eat. Coix root can inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells in aishi ascites, enhance the function of adrenal cortex, and improve white blood cells and platelets. It is a health food for cancer prevention.

Lotus leaves are cool, bitter, sweet, and slightly seed; heart, liver, and spleen. There are heat clearing, heat dissipation, blood stasis and other effects. Lotus leaf can clear heat and Lishui, strengthen the spleen to help the stomach, can help weight loss. Lotus leaf has direct vascular extension and blood pressure reduction.

Refreshing, sweet, acid; into the lung, spleen, liver, with clear lung cough, and stomach inverse, under the gas fever and other functions. Indications for lung fever cough, hot and humid thirst, vomiting caused by spleen and stomach discord, nausea, abdominal distension and other diseases.

It is recommended that the following small full-scale food therapists: chestnut meat yam raw materials: 30 grams of chestnut meat, yam 15 ~ 30 grams, 12 grams of Fuling, 10 grams of lentils, 10 grams of lotus seeds, 5 jujubes, 100 grams of glutinous rice, sugar.

Make: wash the chestnut meat, yam, Fuling, lentils, jujube, and glutinous rice in the same pot, add a proper amount of water, and boil the porridge slowly. When the porridge is cooked, add sugar, stir up and cook. Efficacy: Qi, spleen, dampness and diarrhea.

Lotus leaf steamed duck ingredients: tender duck half, one lotus leaf, 25 grams of mushrooms, salt, cooking wine, pepper, soy sauce, sesame oil, starch, onion, ginger, oil each appropriate amount.

Production: Put the lotus leaves in boiling water and boil them, and pull them out for cooling. the mushrooms soak them and remove the meat, cut the tender duck, and cut the onions and ginger into segments and slices ;? Add mushrooms, ginger slices, onion segments, salt, cooking wine, pepper, soy sauce, and starch into the pot and then mix them for 20 minutes ;? In a steamer, put the lotus leaf in a cage, put a proper amount of sesame oil on the surface of the lotus leaf, and pour the adjusted duck block for 30 ~ In 35 minutes. Efficacy: relieve heat and quench thirst, shengjinrunfei.

Raw materials of Houttuynia cordate mixed with lettuce: 50 grams of Houttuynia cordate, 250 grams of lettuce, 10 grams of garlic and onion, ginger, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil each appropriate amount. Production: Houttuynia cordata is washed and cut into segments, obtained after boiling water, and mixed with salt for pickling; chopped lettuce, and drained with salt for use; chopped onion, ginger, and garlic. Place the lettuce and Houttuynia in the dish, stir the soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, vinegar, chopped green onion, ginger, and minced garlic evenly, and pour the sesame oil into it.

Efficacy: Clearing Heat and detoxification.

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