Easily build a network office platform: 71BASE-OFFICE network office system v1.3

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Easily build a network office platform in a LAN
Today, with the rapid development of the Internet, e-commerce and e-government are rapidly popularized in enterprises and government agencies. Internet office has become the mainstream of modern office work, which not only improves the work efficiency of employees, in addition, it reduces office expenses. This kind of network-based office is what we often call "paperless office ", all daily work and collaboration between employees are completed on the network. Next we will use "71BASE-OFFICE network office system v1.3" to build a network office platform in the LAN. (Download Address: http://www.webasp.net/tech/download_show.asp? Id = 1285)
I. Establishment of the network office platform
The "71BASE-OFFICE Network Office system" is a browser/server (B/S)-based network office system suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. All network office functions are concentrated on LAN servers, the client only needs a network browser (such as Internet Explorer) and a Java virtual machine. This is what we usually call "thin customer". The network administrator only needs to maintain the running of servers in the LAN, this ensures the normal development of the network office. This is why the B/S architecture system software is popular. It not only reduces the workload of the administrator to maintain the machine, but also reduces the cost of a large number of clients.
1. Runtime environment
"71BASE-OFFICE Network Office system" adopts Microsoft's ASP Programming Technology, and the database management system adopts small relational databases.

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