Easily build personal sites with GitHub

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Today we are going to talk about building a station topic.

As we all know, GitHub has a programmer-to-the-name Facebook, and many well-known projects are open source with their public git services for global enthusiasts to share. Git's versioning mechanism provides us with a comprehensive version management capability that enables teamwork, multitasking, and the ability to roll back to any previous version at any time and play a good backup role. As a result, building a personal website on top of it becomes quite appropriate.

and the traditional personal blog system, the traditional personal blog can only provide posts, comments and so on, and on GitHub built a station, like a painting of white paper, very pure, very free, people can customize the above content, enjoy the creativity of their own.

Let's experience the journey of building a station together!

GitHub Address: https://github.com/

Github Client for Windows: https://windows.github.com/

The first thing to do is to have a GitHub account, which is the premise. The registration process is not much to say, open the above address, you should be able to find the registration portal.

Log in after creating a good user, and then create a new library, such as:

In the Web page where you created the new library, fill in the library name. The name must be: Username.github.io. For example, mine is XiaoWenHan.github.io.

Normally, the red part does not appear red. I turned red here because I created it before, because I have the same name, so I have an error.

After you've created it, clone it locally. With the client mentioned above, if you are using a version of Windows that is lower than Windows 7, you will need to use the command line or other tools, such as Sourcetree.

Below try to build a index.html, in clone out of the local directory. For example, you can write a Hello world. Then save, upload.

Once the upload is successful, open your browser and enter your Username.github.io in the address bar. No accident, you should be able to see the HelloWorld.

Here, the white paper is ready. Let's get started, everyone!

Easily build personal sites with GitHub

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