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It can be used as a LAN mail server, an Internet mail server, or a mail server and a mail gateway for Dial-up ISDN, ADSL broadband, FTTB, Wired (Cablemodem) and other access modes.

Before installing the system, you must also select the operating system platform, Magic Winmail Server can be installed in Windows 98/me or Windows NT4, Windows 2000, and Win32 operating systems such as Windows XP.

System Installation

During the installation process, the installer will allow you to make the necessary choices, such as installing components, installing directories, how to run, and setting up administrator login passwords.

1) Start Installation

2) Software License Agreement

3) Select the installation directory

4) Select Start Menu folder

5) Select Installation Components

The main component of Magic Winmail Server is the Server Core and management tools two parts. Server Core is to complete the SMTP, POP3, ADMIN, HTTP and other service functions; management tools are primarily responsible for setting up mail systems, such as setting up SMTP, adding users, adding domains, and so on.

6) Select additional Tasks

There are two main ways to run the Server Core: running as a system service and running a separate program. Running as a system service works only if your operating system platform is Windows NT4, Windows 2000, and Windows XP, and running on a separate program can only work for all WIN32 operating systems. Also during the installation process, if a configuration file is detected, the installer will let you choose whether to overwrite the existing configuration file.

7 Set the password in the previous step, if you choose to overwrite the existing profile, Setup will also let you enter the system administrator password and the system administrator mailbox password.

8) Confirm Setup Information

9) Copy Files

10) Successful Installation

After the system is installed successfully, the installer will let the user choose whether to run the Magic Winmail Server program immediately. If the program runs successfully, the icon is displayed in the system tray area, and if the program fails to start, the user sees an icon in the system tray area, where the user can view the system "Application log" in the system's Administrative Tools/Event Viewer to understand why the Magic Winmail server program failed to start. (Note: If the operating system is Win98, you will be prompted to restart the calculation) initialization configuration after the installation completes, the administrator must have some initialization settings for the system to function properly. The server will automatically run the Quick Setup Wizard if it finds that the domain name has not been set at startup, and users can use it to set up the mail server quickly and easily. Of course, users can also use powerful administrative tools to set up the server without using the Quick Setup Wizard.

The user enters a new mailbox address and password to be created, click the "Settings" button, the Setup Wizard will automatically find whether the database has to be built by the mailbox and domain name, if found not exist The wizard will add new domain names and new mailboxes to the database, and the wizard will also test SMTP, POP3, ADMIN, Whether the HTTP server started successfully. When the setting is finished, the setup information and the server test information are reported in the "Set results" column, and the bottom of the setting result is the setting information about the mail client software. To prevent spam, it is recommended that SMTP send authentication be enabled. When the SMTP letter authentication is enabled, the user must also set up SMTP letter authentication when adding account number in the client software.

Using the Administrative Tools settings

1 Login Admin End program to run Magic Winmail Server program or double-click the icon of the system tray area, the user can use the username (Admin) and the password set at the time of installation to log in when the management tool is started

2 Check the system running Status management tool after successful login, use System setup/system services to see if the system's SMTP, POP3, ADMIN, HTTP service is functioning properly. The green icon indicates that the service ran successfully. A red icon indicates that the service stopped. If you find that the SMTP, POP3, admin, or HTTP service did not start successfully, use System Log/systems to view the system's startup information.

If the startup is unsuccessful, typically the port is occupied and cannot be started, please close the Occupation program or replace the port and restart the associated service. For example, the SMTP service of IIS is installed when Windows 2000 defaults, causing the mail system SMTP service to not start. If you can't find the footprint, you can use a tool software called FPort to see that the program occupies the port and can be downloaded to the http://www.magicwinmail.com.

3 Set the mail domain to set a domain for the messaging system, such as ourcompany.com. Please use domain name setting/domain name management.

4 Increase the success of the mailbox users can add a domain, you can use the "User and group"/"User Management" to add a few mailboxes.

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