Easily troubleshoot running multiple ASP. NET site applications on a single virtual host

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I don't know if there are any friends who, like me, encounter such a problem:
To buy. NET space Online, due to the limitations of the virtual host, you can not set a directory as a standalone application, or some of the price is higher than the space, although can be set, but the number is limited. This problem has led to the extension of the Web site independent functions, more passive, or want to run a few different functions of the application, is also very troublesome.

However, recently I have found a very simple way to steer clear of this problem. In simple terms, two points:

Unified Bin directory:

The only problem is that all the generated DLL files and the files that need to be referenced are placed in the Bin directory under the application root directory , so the only issue is that the application needs to be careful not to duplicate the naming, and the benefit is that the Unified Common module can be called.

Unified Web. config configuration file:

This is the second step, to copy the configuration files for different applications in the Web. config configuration under the application root directory , including connectionString and appsetting, respectively, to the respective nodes, It also brings up a naming problem, and there is a greater likelihood of a conflict than a DLL file naming problem, which needs to be noted.

By completing these two points, you can put your standalone WEB application into a subdirectory of your liking and run it independently.
In general, it is useful to avoid naming problems.

Easily troubleshoot running multiple ASP. NET site applications on a single virtual host

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