Easy 30-node small office networking solution

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[Guide] Here, we will introduce the most common 30-person networking solution, hoping to help you in networking.


After these preparations are completed, we only need to arrange the network lines and connect the devices to form a network. In this case, we recommend that you use a computer to connect to a fast Ethernet LAN port on the router and use this computer as the management server. It is a 30-node network topology. We can build a 30-node office network with reference.

Of course, this is only from the hardware point of view. To fully build a network, we also need to work on software configuration. In this network, we mainly set the router, for how to set up a vro, refer to the vro instructions. The following is a brief introduction to software settings. First, you need to set the IP address and DNS of each computer in the LAN to automatically obtain, then open a host, open the webpage, and enter in the address bar to enter the vro Management page, on the Management page, find the ppoe connection method, enter the user name and password of the ADSL dialing, store the data, restart the router, and click Connect in the information option so that the entire network can access the Internet. For firewall settings, refer to the Manual. DHCP servers are generally automatic, so you can ignore this. VLAN settings are also very important in the 30-person networking. You can refer to the instructions.

The entire networking method can be completed according to the above steps. In fact, to build a network, you still need to determine according to your own characteristics. No network can be fully suitable for us, it also requires the superior networking skills of administrators and the ability to maintain the network.

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