Easy backup hard disk partition restore tutorial

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Before a partition is restored, you need to prepare a mirrored file that contains the partitions you previously backed up. This file is particularly important for the restore operation, and if it is not available, the partition cannot be restored. So after a good backup of the partition, it is best to keep the mirrored file, preferably burning it to the disc for permanent preservation.

Restore partition operation steps

After the easy backup is started, all of the backup tasks you've done will be displayed to the list box in the Restore interface, you can either select the task to restore it, or restore it by opening the mirrored file. The following are the specific steps for a partition restore:

First step: Select the backup image file for the partition or volume you want to restore.

Method One: Click on the "Restore" column on the left, and all the backups will be listed. Click the backup task you want to restore, and then click Next.

Tip: If there are no backups in the list, or when the partitions and volumes are backed up to the network path or disc, you can select the target image file by clicking the "path" option.

Method Two: In the "Home" column, select the backup task you want to restore, and then click its Restore option.

Step two: All versions of this backup task will be listed at the backup point in time. Select the one you want to restore and click Next.

Step three: Select the target partition or volume in the mirrored file and click Next.

Fourth step: Select a partition or unallocated space as the target location for the restore, click "Next" (recommended to use the backup of the partition or volume as the target location, of course, you can also select other partitions or volumes, but their above data will be overwritten).

Fifth step: Then the action summary interface. You need to do this by clicking "Start Restore" after confirming that the operation is correct (note: You can resize the destination partition by clicking "Edit Partition Size").

Sixth step: After the restore operation is complete, click "Finish" to exit the interface.

Tip: If there are programs running on the target partition, easy backups will remind you to close them first. If the program cannot be terminated, an easy backup prompts you that the computer will automatically reboot to perform the restore operation.

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