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The Windows 8 system Start screen defaults to placing some of the system's built-in applications such as photos, mail, news, travel, networking, app stores, SkyDrive, and so on, but we don't see the familiar system administration tools such as defragmentation, firewalls, performance monitors, task scheduling, System configuration, Computer Management, Disk Cleanup, print management, services, and so on, some friends want to put these system management tools on the Win8 Start screen for easy to use, it is not the search function to find these applications, and then one of them fixed to the Win8 start screen? In fact, not so troublesome, just two steps, By simply flipping a small switch, our familiar Windows System Management tool tiles will all appear on the Win8 start screen.

Enter the WIN8 tile setting interface

First we need to enter the tile interface in the WIN8 start screen, if you use a touchscreen to move your finger from the right side of the screen to the left, use your mouse to move the cursor to the upper-right or lower-right corner of the screen, so you can bring up the Super Button menu bar (Charm menu) on the right side of the screen and click the bottom Set the gear pattern button.

Icon: In the Win8 start screen, pull up the Super button menu bar, click "Settings"

If you use the keyboard, press the "Win+i" key directly, so you can go directly to the WIN8 Setup interface. Now let's click on the "tile".

Icon: In the Setup interface, click on "Magnetic paste" into the Win8 magnetic paste settings

Set the display administrative Tools switch to Yes

At this point we can see the "Show admin tool" switch, the default state is "No", that is, do not display. So we do not see any of the tiles on the Win8 Start screen of the default state for any system management tools.

Diagram: Win8 Tile Setting summary "Show Administrative Tools" defaults to "no"

The following are the most critical actions: Dial the settings slider to the right, and change the setting state of the display administrative tool to Yes.

Diagram: Set the display administrative tools status to Yes

Back to Win8 desktop, wait a little while, we can see a new tile group from the Win8 Start screen, which is the WIN8 System Management Tool Tile group, which has event Viewer, local security policy, defragmentation, firewall, Performance Monitor, Task Scheduler, Memory diagnostics, System information, system configuration, Resource monitors, Computer Management, Disk Cleanup, print management, services, and so on. Click on them to directly open the viewing, managing, and setting interface of the appropriate system tools.

Right-click on the specific System management tool tiles, you can also see from the bottom of the screen in the action Bar, "from the ' Start ' screen cancellation, fixed to the taskbar, open a new window, run as an administrator, open the file location, and so on." You can choose according to your own needs.

Icon: Win8 Start Screen display System Management tool tile Group

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