Easy-to-use SQL Server database Automatic Backup tool SQLBACKUPANDFTP (full featured)

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It's good. SQL Server database Automatic Backup tool SQLBACKUPANDFTP (full featured)

The main tool is to automatically back up the database, one-click Restore database, send backup database log report to the mailbox, automatically compress the backup good database

Perform database backup tasks regularly, replace SSMS maintenance plan, upload database backup files to FTP server, other network hard drives, etc.

The software has free and paid two modes, but I think the free version of the function is enough

Supports SQL Server version: SQLSERVER2000, SQLSERVER2005, SQLSERVER2008, SQLSERVER2008 R2, SQLSERVER2012

Especially useful when your PC is SQL Server Express 2005 and SQL Server Express version 2008

Because SQL Server Express version does not have a maintenance plan, using SQLBACKUPANDFTP can solve this problem

This tool also has a MySQL version

MySQL version:http://mysqlbackupftp.com/download/

SQL Server Azure Special Edition:Http://files.cnblogs.com/lyhabc/SqlBakSetupAzure.rar

Official website:http://sqlbackupandftp.com/

Installation path: C:\Program files\pranas.net\sqlbackupandftp

The installation directory is primarily a number of DLLs

SQLBACKUPANDFTP will create a new Windows service to periodically back up the database to replace the SSMS maintenance plan.

The database backup software developed by our company is also the way of using Windows services to back up the database regularly, in fact, the principle of these software is almost

See the above pictures, I believe that the people who want to crack the software began to stir, but it is best not to crack, respect for others

You can use the free version, it's best not to hack his pay function

About Xceed Zip for. NET components:http://www.cnblogs.com/netflu/archive/2006/03/17/352252.html

Some setup options

First set up the database connection

Check the database you want to back up

Set up a message to send the backup report to the mailbox

Set up Scheduled Tasks, you can set up full backups, differential backups, transaction log backups,

You can also set whether to run a scheduled task using a system task schedule or a Windows service that uses software to run

The software itself also presets some timing options, with a mouse click can be applied

Set backup options, including large database temporary file storage path, compress backup file option, verify backup file, backup database log storage path, encrypt backup file (charge)

I set the backup database log and the path of the large database temp file to D:\MSSQL\Databackup

After setting the backup path above, you also need to return to the main interface to set up the backup path, the backup database file can be uploaded to the FTP server, dropbox,skydrive (to pay), etc.

I put the backup file in the same path as the backup database log D:\MSSQL\Databackup

The software can also set the automatic deletion of how long the previous backup files can also be backed up to the remote path, on the NAS storage,

If it is a network path, you can click the "Test" button to test whether it is connected

Set up FTP

After all set up can save the configuration, when the software is re-installed, or changed the machine will not have to set up

Export Configuration file

After Setup, you can click the "Run Now" button to perform the backup manually, and then follow the scheduled task settings to perform the database backup operation.

Open the mailbox and you'll see the mail.

You can see the log and the compressed backup file under the path


View Code

You can see the backup file size is 5.1MB, after compression is 886KB, the compression ratio is very high

Restore a database with one click

Click the Restore button

Select the path to the database backup file

If the database is in use, he will ask if you want to terminate all processes of the database

Click "Yes"

Restore succeeded

Main functional Limitations

The scheduled task only supports 2 databases, but these feature limits are not very significant to me. O (∩_∩) o

Sqlbackupandftp Software Introduction to Here ~

Easy-to-use SQL Server database Automatic Backup tool SQLBACKUPANDFTP (full featured)

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