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BecauseProgramGenerally, the following types of symptoms are easily discovered.
Please check that if you already have more than five types of resources, please hurry up and take health care measures. Otherwise it will be too late-years of high salary will bring you a lifetime of pain!

1. Excessive brain usage for a long time ---- white hair, early birth, early aging
2. Watch the monitor for a long time ---- blurred and dry eyes, lost eyesight, fear of strong light, often dark circles and fine lines
3. Use the keyboard and mouse for a long time ---- sore, tingling, and sometimes powerless on the right shoulder and neck
4. Maintain the same sitting posture for a long time-too much fat meat in the lower abdomen, and the body obviously deteriorates
5. Dealing with machines over a long period of time-the language expression ability is greatly reduced, and it is impossible to communicate with people normally.
6. Prolonged lack of sunlight ---- backache and leg cramps (calcium deficiency) when going up the stairs)
7. Work in a closed environment for a long time in bad air ---- lack of oxygen in the brain, frequent dizziness and Xuan
8. Lack of exercise for a long period of time-a slight increase in the amount of exercise, that is, chest tightness and breathlessness
9. Continuous working overtime for a long time ---- insufficient sleep, insomnia, amnesia, neurasthenia
10. Long-time irregular diet without breakfast-gastrology

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