Easy steps to install PE on a removable hard disk

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Prepare some software first: a WinPE mirror file; Grubgui software, this is used to write boot to the hard drive; WINPM, partitioning tool.

The first step, write the main guide: Open Grubgui This program, after running, select your mobile hard drive, do not choose the wrong ah, select the machine's hard drive is over. Of course, rewriting the main guide is fine, and it's no big deal.

After the master boot is written, the partition of the hard drive is moved. Zoning tools, I recommend WINPM, this zoning tool, very useful.

With WINPM to the mobile hard drive out of a primary partition, this step is also very critical, and then set as bootable, that is, the active partition, only the primary partition, you can guide, we must make it clear that after the creation of the primary partition, must be set as activities. (Note: The main partition as long as 4G is enough, in order to avoid misoperation delete system files, the main partition is best not to put things!)

Next, you just need to copy the files.

Step two: The downloaded WinPE mirror file is opened with winrar (ISO format), and all files and folders inside are dragged and placed under the primary partition root of the mobile disk, or uncompressed and copied to the primary partition root directory of the mobile hard drive.

The third step, find the Wxpe folder, open the folder, find Setupldr.bin, Ntdetect. COM These two files, the two files are also copied to the main partition root directory of the mobile hard disk, and then renamed Setupldr.bin to Mtldr. Here, be sure to pay attention to setupldr.bin extension bin, when renaming, be sure to note that MTLDR does not have an extension. (Note: Under the Wxpe folder also has the primary partition root directory two Setupldr.bin to change to MTLDR, otherwise the PE can not start)

If you do this, you are done. Now you can go into the winpm to hide the primary partition of the mobile hard disk, which is why I recommend that the primary partition 4G is enough, of course, or smaller. So far, the mobile hard drive has been able to boot, next, restart the computer, press "DEL" into the BIOS settings, the first boot disk set to "USB-HDD" boot from the mobile hard drive, and then press F10 Save exit, start Win-pe success.

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