Easy to adjust the order of the network card without the Win7 of the third party tool

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Now, a lot of notebooks, desktops have more than one network card, notebook is more common is the wired network card and wireless network card, if installed virtual machine, and so on, there will be more virtual network card. In fact, these network cards in the system is the access order.

In many software, will call to many blocks of network cards, and the order, there are different requirements. Now let's talk about how to easily adjust the access order of the network card under the Win7.

Right-click the taskbar's network icon to open the network and Sharing Center.

Locate the change adapter settings on the left =.=| | There are 6 network adapters in this little weave.

Hidden toolbar friends, you can press ALT on the keyboard, Show hidden toolbars, select Advanced-Advanced Settings

See, here is the order to adjust the access to the network card, according to their actual use needs to change the order, OK

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