Easy-to-expand core model of Office process Management (1th edition)

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About the office management upgrade thinking, planning, has been more than a year (November 2013, "The use of cloud technology upgrade existing application system thinking"), from March 2014 onwards, to assist users to complete planning, research, project.

At first more is the cloud computing perspective, through technical means to support users, draw a pie for the user, but the user investment is limited, buy small meal pack to hunger is not enough, so, can only according to 28 principle, provide core business support platform, or is called the minimum core of the Office production and operation capacity products.

Traditional office management and its business status

From the beginning of office automation, the traditional Office system gradually upgraded to work flow, collaborative office, knowledge Management as one of the knowledge-based collaborative Office system for enterprises and institutions to provide document management, process approval, collaborative work, communication tools, document management, comprehensive information, departmental office, electronic Forum, program management, project management, task management , conference management, Associated Personnel, system integration, portal customization, contacts, work notes, questionnaires, common tools and other business functions.

At present, enterprises and institutions of the Office system more traditional "chimney-style" architecture model, that is, according to the function divided into different subsystems, according to different needs of independent design and construction, system architecture from the application, data and infrastructure, are based on chimney-type deployment. The salient features of this system architecture model are vertical unification and integration of system internal construction. Although this system architecture mode guarantees the unification of the internal construction of each function system, it also leads to the problems of the system independence, information opacity, poor horizontal coordination among departments, less commonality and low resource sharing rate.

As shown, there is a representative "chimney" business status chart, showing the status of Management division. As seen from the business function perspective, many features have obvious similarities. Do not unfold the analysis here, only give my analysis conclusion:

The core business of office management is approval flow + documentation.

Recall the office management information before the process of business is this:

(1) The staff first fill out the application form (or Approval form), fill it out, together with the ancillary information binding together, sent to the next link for processing (or approval);

(2) The above-mentioned business process, the first concern of the management is the process to go right, followed by the submission of the report, the report is the application document and its attachments.

The essence of the return business is the previous analysis conclusion: approval flow + documentation.

The following example answers the business model:

(1) Integrated information business (refers to the release of news, rules and regulations, knowledge management, etc.) core content is the document, electronic documents, as for the approval flow is optional;

(2) The core content of the data report which is commonly used in the department's business is also the document, the document with approval flow (the document of the hand), the data content in the document, its essence is not directly used, it needs to be removed to the professional system to be processed before it can be used;

(3) Planning and construction management and real estate land information management system, beyond the office management business model, incorporated into the professional system, construction management alone.

Requirements for office management reform

With the management standardization, refinement, the original office management category of some of the business migration to ERP, HR and other professional management system, retain the traditional document management and process approval and other business. For the rest of the office management business to be reformed and optimized. The goal of reform and optimization is to construct an office production and operation system, to be administratively, to function, to specialize, to centralize, to flatten, to realize the unified operation system of vertical specialization penetrating and horizontal information transparency.

(1) Implement work, timely feedback work progress, reflect the implementation of the Force;

(2) Shorten the process, improve work efficiency and strengthen the responsibility

(3) The information is transparent, bask in the Sunshine Hall, convenient for the masses and all parties to supervise;

(4) The whole life cycle management of the project (item), to make the pre-decision evaluation, the efficient implementation, the information transparency, the post-mortem experience summary, the benefit analysis;

(5) The informatization work adapts to the above demand, responds to the new demand quickly and satisfies the reform demand.

Easy-to-expand Office process management model

Office management takes the process management as the core, this core includes: process and its life cycle management, process instance operation management and life cycle management. This process management core can be understood as regulatory and regulatory compliance. Among them, life cycle management for reference to my early implementation of the energy meter life cycle management, management also has a life cycle, he can reflect the management of the ability, efficiency, efficiency.

(1) Process lifecycle management includes: business requirements, development and construction, on-line (and the formation of process catalog), change, downline, final destruction of the entire life cycle management. Related business functions are: rapid process development and process templates;

(2) Process instance operation management and its life cycle management include: Start process instance, process flow approval, end process instance, archive. Relevant business functions are: drafting/editing, approval, release, feedback, archiving.

Office process Management finally embodies the standardization and execution, through the office Sunshine Hall for the business entrance, and show, wherein:

(1) The specification embodies in the management function, the process and the service guide;

(2) Executive power is embodied in management ability, efficiency and efficiency.

Technical Architecture Brief

In order to meet the challenges of system technology and business reform faced by enterprises, we should build the PAAs Office capability platform beyond the traditional PAAs category, strengthen the business capability and technical capability components, and form a more targeted "thick PAAs" platform. Through this platform, we can unify the technical framework, unify process management, improve data consistency, improve resource utilization, improve service and technology standardization, and simplify the development and operation of upper-level applications.

The main use techniques are as follows:

Interface Presentation layer: HTML+JAVASCRIPT+CSS (Apache Http + Cordys XForm);

Data adaptation layer, business Processing layer: SOA (Cordys BOP);

Data layer: Relational database +nosql Database (Oracle + MongoDB).


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Easy-to-expand core model of Office process Management (1th edition)

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