Easy-to-show micro scene 2016 latest full version V10.5, small series pro-Test repair numerous errors, 2016v10.5_php tutorial

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Easy-to-show micro-scene 2016 the latest full version of V10.5, Small series pro-Test repair numerous errors, 2016v10.5

Yi Penxio V10.5 Update Instructions
1. Fix dialing errors in English
2. Fix the problem of forwarding scene
3, fixed the problem of setting the scene password garbled
4. Repair foreground Batch Delete customer picture
5, Repair data collection paging problem
6, fixed the problem of image classification disorder
7. Fix music and special effects conflict
8, fixed some user background and shape does not display the problem
9, repair the scene preview interface scan QR code error
Please download the test for your own details.
About some of the small partners in the PC segment can not preview the micro-scene, explained here, the server must support pseudo-static. In the phpstudy without modifying pseudo-static rules, in a few environments, such as in the Kangle environment, you need to modify the pseudo-static rules, the specific modification method is as follows:
Open the. htaccess this file, index.php this file to the penultimate line? The question mark here is removed, that is, the index.php is changed to index.php.

Source code can go to the source heaven that website to download on the line: http://code.662p.com/list/4_1.html

Detailed Description: http://php.662p.com/thread-768-1-1.html

http://www.bkjia.com/PHPjc/1120382.html www.bkjia.com true http://www.bkjia.com/PHPjc/1120382.html techarticle easy-to-show micro-scene 2016 the latest full version of V10.5, small series of pro-test repair numerous errors, 2016v10.5 easy to show V10.5 update Instructions 1, fix dialing English error 2, fix the forwarding scene problem 3, repair set ...

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