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Hello, I am itisnikii, some time ago sent a group of tennis girls figure, because there are a lot of people commenting and DMS my late is how to tune, so I am here to share my experience with you. The whole article I will start from the early, late and summary three parts to expand. Since most of my shades are done in Lightroom, I'll only talk about the Lightroom part in this tutorial.

  The first part: Prophase

Location: I chose a large area of green and blue, as well as a number of white lines of the tennis court. Why do so many scenes have to choose the tennis court? Because in the small fresh tone of the film, such as Blue, green, such as the relatively elegant color easy to match with a fresh feeling. In addition, I also recommend: yellow, white, but also easy to make fresh feeling of color.

Costume: White shirt and navy blue frilly (classic hundred-match).

Props: Tennis Racket (white and blue side) and four tennis balls.

Weather: Sunny and the sun is more transparent

Shooting time: 3:30 P.M. to 5:30 P.M.

Model: A cute looking model, in addition to the model with the scene to do with the theme of interaction, so that her movements can be integrated into the scene and props.

Emphasis: We really do not underestimate the early stage, because I did a good shot earlier, so the late did not adjust a lot of parameters. Pick out a few photos are to highlight the effect, selected a strong contrast to a few, I still hope that we can make their own early shooting requirements higher.

 Part II: Using Lightroom to carry out the late

1. It is recommended to set the shooting format as raw, and to import the photos into LR. Take a closer look at two minutes and think first about what we should start with.

Here is the adjustment before and after the chart

2. Adjust exposure and other basic parameters

I understand that the small freshness, most of which is slightly over exposed, thus pulling the high exposure. The high light inevitably overflows after the high exposure, lowering the high light to keep the shirt details. Drop the white color, pull high black color level is to make the picture looks more translucent.

3. Adjust color temperature chromatic aberration

Add a little blue to the color temperature and add a bit of green to the hue. Because the sun is warm, add a little cool in and a bit, closer to the feeling of small fresh.

4. Adjust the definition and other parameters

Add a little clarity but must not add more, add more will destroy the small fresh atmosphere. I am used to adding some brightness to each piece, reducing some saturation, which will make the color more layered.

5. Adjust the color curve

In the curve, we are more familiar with the S-shaped curve. It is characterized by brighter, darker parts. But in the small freshness of the partial Japanese system, the contrast is usually low, so I don't use the S-shaped curve here.

Since before the adjustment of exposure, the photo has been exposed, so there is no adjustment of the light, just a little bit higher in the dark, creating a bit of air.

In the three color channels, I made the adjustment of the diagram, which is also the improvement of the classic film Color curve. You can try to pull and feel the difference.

6. Further adjustment of color

The color adjustment in the photo can be divided into: environmental color adjustment and skin tone adjustment.

Skin tones are mainly adjusted to red (mouth), orange (skin) and yellow. Because the model itself is relatively white and the sun is strong, Orange is not how to adjust. Ambient color We observe green and blue, changing hue, saturation and lightness according to our own circumstances. This is not an absolute rule, but in most cases the green and blue are lighter and the saturation is lower.

7. Sharpen

Finally sharpen the picture to make it look more textured.

The final effect is as follows

Write some caveats here:

1. This tutorial is written in a relatively small white, suitable for beginners to see.

2. All the above parameters are based on my own photos of the actual situation of the set, must not apply mechanically in their own photos. After all, we couldn't have taken the exact same picture.

3. At ordinary times we can learn some color collocation, more practice, not always preset sets preset. Many modules, including: heightening Light and Shadow and the adjustment of three primary colors, are after their own attempt to gradually have experience and experience.

4. Because this photo is better in the early stage, some modules are not how to adjust, I feel very fresh, so here again to emphasize the prophase.

  Part III: summary

First of all, we should have before the photo before the thinking, we must do a good job in the early stage! Be sure to do it early! Be sure to do well in the early stage! The important thing to say countless times oh.

The early stage includes the scene, the model's posture, the clothing style as well as the later color and so on must match with the theme. I adjust small and fresh later thinking is the photo should be slightly exposed, contrast is not high, saturation low, color to small fresh close, the use of the curve and so on. In addition, usually more to see the small fresh photos, according to my thinking to analyze the summary, in fact, the idea is the most important.

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