Easy to move the flat throw motion in PowerPoint

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To open PowerPoint 2003, click on the "insert → picture → from file" to import the aircraft and bombs, and then adjust the picture settings.

1. Select the aircraft, click "Slide show → Custom Animation", in the task pane click "Add effect → action path → left", automatically generate a green, red triangle for the endpoint of the horizontal dashed line. If you think the default motion path length is not appropriate, you can adjust the length through the handles on the red triangle.

2. The operation of the bomb is basically the same as the operation of the aircraft. Just select Draw Custom path → curve in motion path to draw. Then select the bomb, set "Custom Animation" to "start from the previous", so that the aircraft and the bomb at the same time movement.

Small knowledge: If the feeling drawn out of the curve is not smooth enough, you can use the right mouse click Curve, select the "edit Vertex" command, then the curve will appear many small black spots, with the mouse to drag the vertices, so that the curve becomes more smooth.

3. Click the "AutoShape → action button → forward or next", in the lower right corner of the slide draw a forward button, automatically pop-up "Action Settings" dialog box, click OK.

Small knowledge: In the action button, you can insert a sound, you can freely control the playback rhythm of the slide. can easily jump to the previous page, next page or specified page, can facilitate our teaching.

4. Create a new slide, with a direct and curved tool to draw two keys and a curve as a motion of the decomposition diagram, double-click the "Format AutoShape" dialog box, to do as shown in the diagram settings. Then write the writing on the blackboard and put it in place, and then draw a return button in the lower left corner of the slide.

Figure 1 PowerPoint Formatting AutoShape

Small knowledge: The front end and the back end is not on the left and right to confirm, and not by the top and bottom to confirm, but according to the click of the successively to determine. The front end refers to the point at the first point, and the back end refers to the point at the last point.

5. If you want to animate the decomposition plus animation, you can select the decomposition of the key head, click "Add effect → enter → ladder-like", set the speed of "slow" can be. To allow three key headers to run synchronously, after you set the first key, you set the start to "before" when you set the other two key headers.

Small knowledge: If you want to allow the animation to play over a period of time, you can double-click the animation in the "Automatic Animation" column, in the "Timing" tab to set the number of seconds to delay.

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