Easy to play iPhone 3gs (Third edition)

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Easy to play iPhone 3gs (Third edition)

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Scott Kelby Terry white
Translator: Gu rongjie [same translator's work]
Press: Electronic Industry Press
ISBN: 9787121103629
Mounting time:
Published on: February 1, March 2010
Start: 16
Other Details View: http://www.china-pub.com/196630


The iPhone/iPhone 3gs is one of the most popular technology products today. It combines technology and art perfectly, with a dazzling screen, leading sliding touch technology, smart orientation sensing features, and dazzling application software, this product brings users a brand new life experience and leads the fashion of IT technology. This book introduces you to the basics of iPhone/iPhone 3gs, how to use mobile phone functions, Safari functions and practical skills, how to use various practical tools, and iTunes in an easy and witty language. built-in iPod operation skills, and a lot of other tips.
Target audience:
This book is suitable for users who have no knowledge about the iPhone/iPhone 3gs and have basic intermediate users who want to learn more important functions or who are familiar with the general usage of the iPhone/iPhone 3gs, users who want to learn more about the various tips can read this article.


Chapter 1
Naked Essence
What should you know about iPhone?
How to enable/disable your iPhone 2
How to transfer iPhone to sleep status 3
Use iTunes to manage your iPhone 4
How to return to home screen 5
How to charge your iPhone 6
How to adjust the volume 7
How to use iPhone's built-in speaker 8
What are the icons in the status bar at the top of the screen? 9
How to view battery remaining time 10
How to Use the built-in keyboard 11
How to Use Your iPhone touch screen 12
How to synchronize your iPhone 13
How to Use Your apple wire-controlled headset (headset) 14
How to zoom in the view to achieve the best visual effect 15
When the iPhone receives a call 16
IPhone accessories and applications 17
Chapter 2 18
Pick up your receiver
How to use iPhone
How to import address book from computer to iPhone 19
How to import the address book on the old phone to the iPhone 20
How to dial 21 with a standard keyboard
How to save the number as contact 22
How to add a recent call as a contact 23
How to call contact 24 in the address book
How to keep the current call and switch to another call 25
How to conduct real-time teleconference (third-party calls) 26
How to pause the current music to answer incoming calls 27
How to check for emails while answering incoming calls 28
How to find Missed Calls 29
How to reply to missed calls 30
How to check whether you have a voicemail message 31
How to listen to or delete message 32
How to play part of a voice information 33
How to record personalized message 34
How to Set call transfer 35
How to Use the dial-up feature 36 on the iPhone
How to delete and reorder a contact from the address book 37
How to view details of a Common contact 38
How to call extension number 39 directly
How to manually add a contact 40
Why group contacts? 41
How to display the recipient's dashboard when calling 42
How to take a photo and set it to a caller ID 43
How to quickly find contacts 44
How to disable iPhone ringtones 45
How to Set your favorite ringtones 46
How to Set personalized ringtones for specific contacts 47
How to hide my number 48
How to enable Bluetooth 49
How to send text messages and multimedia messages (images and videos can be appended) 50
How to send SMS messages in group 51
How to read text message 52
Chapter 3 53
Dear Postmaster
Send and receive emails using iPhone
How to Set up your email account 54
How to Set up email accounts other than the list of supported accounts 55
How to add mobileme email account 56
How to add a Microsoft Exchange mail account 57
How to check your email 58
How to switch between different email accounts 59
How to read emails 60
How to view email attachment 61
How to save the photo in the attachment to my iPhone 62
How to call the phone number 63 contained in the email
How to access a website through email 64
Reply to an email 65
How to move emails between folders 66
How to delete or move emails 67
How to forward an email 68
How to write new emails 69
How to send a photo in an email 70
How to send your memo 71
How to share a contact with others through email 72
How to play an email with audio attachments 73
Chapter 4 74
Surfing safari
Use Safari
How to start safari-iPhone Web browser 75
How to view the complete web page 76
How to roll back and forward between pages 77
How to close the old page and create a new page 78
How to switch pages 79 in Safari
How to Use safari bookmarks 80
How to add a bookmark81
How to edit or delete a bookmarks 82
How to add or delete a webpage shortcut icon 83
How to use Google to search 84
How to browse your webpage horizontally 85
How to call 86 from a webpage
How to view RSS subscriptions on your iPhone 87
How to enter an online form 88 on the iPhone
Chapter V 89
Tool time
Use iPhone tools to manage your life
How to set the clock to 90 based on different time zones
How to Use stopwatch 91
How to Use the countdown function 92
How to turn your iPhone into an alarm clock of 93
How to Use calculator 94
How to search for video 95 on YouTube
How to play YouTube video 96 on iPhone
How to add favorite YouTube videos to favorites 97
How to customize your YouTube button 98
How to Use Map to search for everything 99
How to locate the current position on the map: 100
How to Get Route 101
How to place a pin on a map 102
How to display a satellite map or 103 traffic flow on a map
How to find your contact location on the map 104
How to Use Map bookmarks 105
How to view the latest local meteorological information 106
How to add weather message 107 to other cities
How to Use Quick memo 108
How to obtain the latest stock information 109
How to get more information about stocks 110
How to turn the stock application software into a currency exchange rate tool 111
How to synchronize your calendar 112
How to add appointment event 113 to your calendar
How to subscribe to calendar 114 on iPhone
How to Use the built-in voice memo feature 115
How to Use the compass 116 on the iPhone 3gs
How to Use the Nike + iPod sensor system 117 on the iPhone 3gs
How to retrieve my iPhone 118
How to set a password 119 for the iPhone
Chapter 6 120
Same song
Use iTunes, iTunes store, and online App Store
How to purchase music 121 on your computer
How to buy music 122 from your iPhone
How to import CD music to iTunes 123
How to enable parental control to protect children by 124
How to create music playlist 125
How to create smart playlist 126
How to Create genius playlist 127 in iTunes
How to buy custom ringtones 128
How to download podcasts to 129 in iTunes
How to download a podcasts to 130 on your iPhone
How to buy or rent video 131 in iTunes
How to buy or rent video 132 on your iPhone
How to select the synchronization type from iTunes to iPhone 133
How to upload data from iTunes to your iPhone 134
How to obtain app 135 from the App Store of iTunes
How to Get Software 136 from the iPhone App Store
How to update your app 137 in iTunes
How to update your app 138 on the iPhone
How to delete the downloaded app 139 from iTunes
How to delete downloaded app 140 from your iPhone
How to search for the coolest app 141
Chapter 7 142
The video kills broadcast stars.
Use built-in iPod
How to synchronize your iPhone with the iTunes library 143
How to start iPod 144
How to browse iPod tracks 145
How to search for 146 songs in iPod
How to play 147 songs on an iPod
How to set the 148 option for playing a song
How to adjust the volume by 149
How to play 150 songs at random
How to wipe songs 151
How to replay a song or song list 152
How to jump to the next 153 song
How to pause a song 154
How to use the mobile cover function 155
How to play 156 of other songs on the same album
How to review song 157 on iPhone
How to sing with the lyrics 158
Use playlist 159
How to create a temporary playlist (on-the-go) 160
How to Create genius playlist 161 on iPhone
How to share your favorite podcast 162
How to watch video 163 on iPhone
How to connect your iPhone to 164 on TV
How to listen to audio books 165
How to answer phone 166 when using ipod
How to enable iPod control 167 when using other applications
How to use an external speaker or headset 168
How to Set A Sleep Timer 169
How to rearrange your iPod button 170
Chapter 8 171
1 hour photo
Enjoy your photo experience on the iPhone
How to use built-in camera 172
How to view 173 photos in the camera
How to Use the iPhone 3gs camera for macro shooting 174
How To Focus On 175 in iPhone 3gs
How to transfer photos from Mac to 176 on your iPhone
How to get a picture 177 without iPhoto (on Mac)
Transfer photos from computer to iPhone 178
How to transfer photo 179 from a computer without album or elements
How to view imported photos 180
How to Use slide show photo 181
How to pause and manually browse slides 182
How to add background music 183 to a slide
How to view photos or videos sent via SMS 184
How to send a photo or video 185 via SMS
How to Use photos to make iPhone wallpaper 186
How to send a photo by email 187
How to post 188 photos in mobileme
How to export 189 photos from iPhone
How to use iPhone 3gs to take video 190
How to edit video 191 in iPhone 3gs
How to publish video from iPhone 3gs to YouTube 192
How to process video 193 on the iPhone 3gs like a photo?
Chapter 9 194
Oatmeal killer
Tips and tricks
How to cut, copy, paste and use a horizontal keyboard 195
How to operate a virtual keyboard 196
How to enter special accent characters 197
Search, search, or search 198
How to Set. Org and other domain names 199 in Safari
Email program hidden. com button 200
How to switch language 201 on the keyboard
How to control the size of the incoming call photo by 202
How to quickly locate the feature 203 you need
A tip to multinational travelers: 204
How to create your own ringtone 205 in garageband
How to use iTunes to create your own ringtone 206
How to save 207 images from a webpage
How to access your favorite mobile page 208
How to quickly find airport 209 in the map application
How to find a contact 210 on a map
How to create your contact list 211 on the map application
How to Get 212 more accurate Battery status on iPhone 3gs
IPhone applications at work: 213 enterprise-level support
How to use a contact or calendar memo 214
How to carry your movie 215 with you
Movie DVD 216 with digital copies
How to run TiVo 217
How to transfer the old iPhone to a new user 218
How to clear unused applications on the home screen 219
How to Use the dock to dock an application 220
How to restore the default 221 settings of your home screen
Email important? 222
How to send email 223 from the backup server
How to manually manage music 224
How to use Wi-Fi 225 when taking a plane
How to Create a specified wallpaper image 226
How to Create screen snapshot 227
IPhone prompts photographers 228
Cancel printing by shaking and use the random playback function 229
Cool iPhone Photo Geo tag 230
How to synchronize iPhone with two computers 231
Chapter 10 232
Boys Problems
Repair your iPhone
Quick solution to most problems 233
How to deal with iPhone failures or stop responding 234
Why is there no sound 235
Why is the reception signal poor? 236
How to obtain a better receiving signal of 237
Why can't I connect to wi-fi 238?
Use Wi-Fi 239 on iPhone 3gs
Why can't I call 240
Why does your application fail 241
How to back up and fix 242
How to download album cover illustration 243
How to Protect and prolong battery life 244
More battery protection suggestions 245
Why can't I see iPhone 246 in iTunes?
Why iPhone cannot detect SIM card 247
Software upgrade important 248
How to solve the problem of MAC ical and address book synchronization 249
How to recreate information (contacts, calendars, memos) 250
How to synchronize iPhone with entourage (MAC) 251
How to completely erase information 252 from your iPhone
Chapter 2 11th
Send me a long trip
Fix all settings on your iPhone
How to Use Your iPhone 254
How to connect to wi-fi 255
How to view the iPhone's usage function 256
How to Choose and manage voice 257
How to adjust screen brightness 258
How to change the wallpaper 259
How to Set general settings for iPhone 260
Do not forget to set the time zone 261.
How to Set email, contacts, and calendar settings 262
How to set the phone number to 263
How to configure safari 264
How to Set iPod to 265
How to set the photo app to 266
How to set the downloaded application to 267
How to Set Up iTunes online store 268
How to Use the iPhone to connect your laptop to Internet 269

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