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Win7 Desktop gadget defines how many clocks show a different time zone

A great feature of the Win7 system is that it provides a lot of fun and practical desktop gadgets, which have clock gadgets, and the Win7 system supports the addition of multiple clock gadgets to facilitate time in different time zones. The Win7 system does not turn on gadgets by default and requires manual setup. Click the right mouse button on the Win7 desktop, select Gadgets, double-click the clock icon to add a clock on the desktop.

Diagram: Adding gadgets to the Win7 system

Now we click three times Clock Gadget, add three clocks on Win7 desktop: One shows the time of Beijing, one shows Polish time, one shows Ukrainian time. Move the mouse to the clock, it will appear to set the small icon, click on the small wrench icon can be pop-up settings options.

Icon: Win7 Clock gadget settings

Select a different clock panel in the Clock Gadget Setup Panel, define the clock name, and then click the small arrow on the right side of the time zone to select the appropriate time zone from the Drop-down menu. After setting up, we can see the current time of three different time zones on the Win7 desktop.

Icon: Win7 Desktop Clock Tool different time zone settings and timing display

Win7 the lower right corner of the system desktop shows the non-concurrent date time

In addition to the WIN7 system's desktop gadgets, the Win7 system can display multiple time zones simultaneously in the lower-right corner of the desktop. The Setup method is simple: Click the date and time display area of the notification area with the left mouse button, and then click Change Date and time settings from the pop-up window.

Diagram: Win7 system with multiple time zone clocks

Click on the "Additional clock", we can set up to two different additional clocks: check "show this Clock", choose a good time zone from the Drop-down menu, in the input display name. Finally press the "Apply" button on it. In the figure below we set up 2012 European Cup hosting countries Poland and Ukraine with two additional clocks.

Diagram: Set up additional clocks

After the setup is complete, the system will display the default local time in the lower right corner, so long as we move the mouse to the time and date display area, we can see the additional time zone we set up without pressing the mouse.

Illustration: Win7 Desktop in the lower right corner of the different time zone date time display

Above we introduce the Win7 system with desktop gadgets and date and time settings to display a number of different time zones date and time tips, this is a real-time time to master the time zone difference between friends, such as friends with overseas relatives and multinational colleagues need to work together for the users, is really a very intimate function.

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