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WPS Office 2010 is released, it follows the trend of the Times, based on the concept of cloud Office can let us anywhere, at any time to edit their own documents, processing. WPS Office 2010 Not only provides free network storage capabilities, but also enables multiple people to share documents and edit document functions. All users who download and use WPS Office 2010 will have 1G of network office space. Users can store their Office documents in cyberspace anytime, anywhere, as long as they can access the Internet, they can open view, edit, modify, use, can also be directly shared to other users, can save the trouble of sending mails and sending documents. It can be said that the cloud office is the core of WPS Office 2010.

So, what are some of the practical tips when using the cloud? What can you do for me when you have mastered these skills? As an office enthusiast, I have studied and groped for these skills and are willing to share them with you.

A way to register an account with skill

To use the cloud office, we have to have an account. WPS Cloud Office (Network Office Space) entry button in the toolbar, as shown in Figure 1. The user opens the WPS document, either text, a table, or a demo, and you can see this button.

The first time the user uses the network office space function, need to register, as shown in Figure 2. Users can simply register.

Second, to play the network power invite friends

We can also "invite" others to get account numbers by sharing documents. When we open WPS Office 2010, click the Open button, select multiple files with the CTRL key or SHIFT key in local file, and choose the "Upload and share to contact" command (Figure 3). Then type the mailboxes you want to share (comma-delimited, up to 3), and mail attachments, click the "Share" button (Figure 4)

Then the other party can receive the corresponding message, which not only gives the address of the shared document, and opened the WPS Pass and the initial password (can be modified) for the shared mailbox. This way, friends can also use it to log in and use the WPS 2010 Cloud Office.

Third, mouse drag and drop upload and classification files

We want to use the cloud office, first to upload the document to the "online documentation." We can select multiple files with CTRL or SHIFT key in local file, right-click, and select "Upload to online document Space" command. We can also upload these files directly from the local file, and then drag them directly to the appropriate folder under "Online Documents" on the right side of the list (Figure 6). This approach is more straightforward, because we can directly drag and drop files to different folders, directly to complete the classification of storage.

Iv. classification Management is clear and concise

The "online document" defaults to only "work", "learn", "not tidy", "My Backup" four folders, so the classification does not necessarily suit us. We can manage these folders accordingly.

Create a new folder of your own

Click the Online Document button on the left to switch to online documentation, and then click the New Folder button on the toolbar to create a new folder and name it yourself (Figure 7).

Delete Folder

Of course, we can also select the appropriate folder, select the "delete" command to delete it (see Figure 8). If there are files in the deleted folder, they are all deleted.

accessing frequently Used folders

If we have some files in the folder that are often used, you can select the folder and select the Add to my location command, which is displayed in my location on the right, and immediately after you click it (as shown in the folder where the red line is drawn in Figure 8).

Move Folder

We can also select a folder, right-click, and select the Move command. At this point, you can see the Browse Network Folder dialog box, select a folder, the folder we just selected becomes its subfolder, which is moved to the folder we just selected (Figure 9).

V. Treat the standard star document differently

Digital Office times, a long time, a lot of documents, and scattered in various folders, it is difficult to find. However, WPS 2010 provides a particularly strong feature-the document is marked with a star. Once the document is marked with a star, it can be found quickly.

We see all the documents in the "local file" or "online document" with asterisks, some are blank, some are yellow. We can click on the blank star and it turns yellow, which means it's already a star file (Figure 10).

Then, just click on the "Star File" button on the left to see all of our star files (Figure 11) that are easy to access, open, or edit.

The Cloud Office is the WPS 2010 core and the advantage is, grasps these skills, will make our cloud office become a duck in the sky, handy.

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