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Syntax OnInit [-S] [-i] [-P] [-y]

oninit -s  将系统从off-line模式变为quiescent模式
oninit -i  初始化系统
oninit -p  在共享内存初始化时,不搜索,删除临时表
oninit -y  对提示自动回答yes
oninit -v  加入这个选项显示oninit处理过程
oninit-- 键入此命令可以获得使用帮助

The OnInit command is used to change the operating mode of the system. The-i option is used to initialize the root dbspace of the system. Note that once the root-dbspace is initialized, it is equal to the entire database system being initialized.

If the user wishes to automatically start the dynamic server system when the computer starts, add the OnInit command (without any options) to the system's initial file (/ETC/RC on many UNIX systems).

Onmode command

Syntax: Onmode [-K] [-m] [-S] [-u] [-y]

onmode -k 执行立即shutdown,将系统变为off-line模式
onmode -m 将系统从quiescent模式变为on-line模式
onmode -s 执行graceful shutdown
onmode -u 执行immediate shutdwon
onmode -y  对提示自动回答yes

The Onmode command is also used to change the running mode of a dynamic server. In addition to the above options, Onmode has many options unrelated to changing the operating mode of the system.

Create a data space with the Onspaces command

Syntax: onspaces-c [-B] [-d] [-z] [-m] [-O] [-p] [-S] [-t]

-c 创建blobspace或dbspace
-b blobspace blobspace名
-d dbspace dbspace名
-g page size blobpages大小
-m mirror  镜像设备设的全路径名和偏移量(KB)
-o offset  偏移量(KB)
-p pathname  chunk设备的全路径名
-s sizedbspace大小(KB)
-t 创建临时dbspace

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