Easy to use car cancellation order deduction rule is what?

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Please refer to the cancellation rules for different vehicle modes as follows:

1. Time rental, pick-up, delivery, on-call service cancellation rules: Before the start of service cancellation orders, do not charge any fees.
2. Half-day rent, daily rent cancellation rules: 1 hours before the start of the service (including 1 hours) cancel the order, do not charge any fees, from the beginning of the service within 1 hours to cancel the order, deduct the minimum order consumption amount, that is, the full package.
3. Hot line service cancellation rule: Hot line one-way (round-trip) orders, users in the service before the start of 4 (8) hours cancellation, deduction user start amount;
On-call, time to rent orders, the driver arrived at the appointed time for free 10 minutes, if the user does not use the vehicle within 10 minutes and has not voluntarily canceled the order, the driver and customer service can not contact the passenger, the order will be forced to cancel, and the deduction of the initial price amount, the user without binding card or the balance is not enough users will be frozen, To recharge or verify the credit card to replenish the debt, automatically thaw

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