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The Timed Shutdown program on the Internet has deteriorated. There are a lot of advertisements, some still need to be registered, and even some malicious software binding, and some software cannot be shut down. Fortunately, there is a doscommand in XP:

At 0: 00 shutdown-S-F

Automatically shut down at night.

More powerful functions

Microsoft Windows XP [version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:/Documents and Settings/Administrator> /?
The at command is scheduled to run commands and programs on a specific date and time.
To use the AT command, the scheduler service must be running.

At [// computername] [[ID] [/delete] |/Delete [/Yes]
At [// computername] time [/interactive]
[/Every: Date [,...] |/next: Date [,...] "command"

// Computername specifies the remote computer. If this parameter is omitted,
The command is scheduled to run on the local computer.
ID: ID of the scheduled command.
/Delete: delete a scheduled command. If the ID is omitted,
All scheduled commands on the computer will be deleted.
/Yes. If you do not need further confirmation, delete all jobs.
Time specifies the time when the command is run.
/Interactive allows the job to run with the logged-on user
Desktop interaction.
/Every: Date [,...]
. If the date is omitted, the default value is
This day.
/Next: Date [,...] specifies to run on the next specified date (for example, next Thursday)
Command line. If the date is omitted, the default value is
The current day of the month.
"Command" Windows NT command or batch processing to be run

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