Easy to use Windows 7: using wireless to virtual networks

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On such a bright spring afternoon, the "Village Chief" (I .e. the author, the text in the text below) was inexplicably impulsive in writing. It was hard to write a blog for several months, so I wrote a tips on window7 that I discovered several days ago and shared it with the audience.

In common data Copy methods, you will choose storage media such as a mobile hard disk or a USB flash disk, some technical content may be to connect two PCs through a crossover line to form a temporary peer network and then transmit data, for the Lazy "Village Chief", it seems a habit to study the quickest and most labor-saving way to solve the problem, so I have this article. A few years ago, computers were wireless or sellers' selling points, but these two years have already become standard. With the popularization of window7, The windowXP system will gradually fade out of our lives, the window7 system hides many more useful tools on the gorgeous and dazzling operating interface. using wireless to build a temporary network is one of them. Maybe when you look at the official website, you have to jump out and say, "it's okay to share it over the Internet. Why do you think this is a fantasy? This is just a wonderful question. network sharing is easy and effort-saving, but never neglect the physical foundation of network sharing. It requires support from switching devices, how can I access sharing without switching devices? Look at the officials do not panic, look at the "Village Chief" slowly said xuanjicang. Step 1: Find" Set a new connection or network", Set the VPN and frequently used broadband dialing in our home, as shown in. Click" Next "after completing the settings ":

Step 2: select to set up a wireless temporary network. In fact, they are all "picture-based literacy" type, and there are functional descriptions. I will not explain them further, and then click "Next ".

Step 3: Read the precautions of the wireless temporary network. Pay attention to the key words drawn in the figure.

Step 4: This is the most important item.

Network Name: Indicates the access network ID; Security type: No identity authentication (developer). This option has the lowest security, that is, the client does not need a password for access. WEP, WPA2, and WEP are older network security methods. Microsoft recommends that you do not use them. The common method is WPA2, which requires an access password, in addition, different keys can be distributed to each user, which is very powerful. For detailed instructions, see the help option "help me select" in the security type list ". Hidden characters:If this option is not selected, the client enters an explicit Code during logon. Step 5: Click Next to initialize related settings. Step 6: complete the settings. When the prompt is displayed, it indicates that the virtual network has been set up. You can use it. Because no password is set in Step 4, the network security key here is insecure. It is not recommended to use a blank password in the use environment. Remember to remember!

Step 7: after the client verification settings are complete, use the client to verify whether the above settings are available. First, I chose a client of the XP system for access verification. In the wireless network list, we can see that the network we just set is slightly different. The icon is not verified yet. It's too early to be happy to write it. Let's try it here, I can't access it. Step 8: to witness the miracle, check the Working Group Computer in "Network neighbors" and verify the result. The rest is to share the transmitted files on window7. Is it easy to build a temporary virtual network using a wireless network on the window7 platform? As long as we are careful, window7 is actually very powerful.

This article is from the blog of Mr. Sun.

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