Easy typing of individual dashes in Word 2007

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In Word, enter three consecutive "=", press the space bar or enter key, you can get a double line, enter three consecutive "-", you can get a single line, enter three consecutive "~", you can get a wavy line, and type three "*" or "#", you will get different long horizontal lines.

This is also done in Word 2007. But these lines are all running through the whole line, and the lengths are not easy to adjust. So how do you make a dash? How do you adjust the format of this horizontal line? We can do this task easily in Word 2007.

Position the mouse where you want to insert the horizontal line, and then on the Start tab of the Ribbon, click the small triangle next to the bottom border button in the paragraph task group, and click the Horizontal command on the pop-up shortcut menu, as shown in Figure 1. Immediately you will get a line of fine solid lines.

Figure 1 Click the horizontal command

The difference between a thin solid line and a continuous input character is that when we click the mouse on this line, the lines can be selected and the handles appear around the line. We can, of course, drag these handles to change the length, width, etc. of the horizontal line. The horizontal line obtained by the continuous input character cannot be selected.

Of course, we are not just content to change the length and width of the line, the color of the lines should be what we want to adjust. In fact, it is very simple. Right-click on the line, select the "format horizontal" command on the pop-up shortcut menu, to open the Format Horizontal dialog box as shown in Figure 2. We can easily adjust the line's color and other elements here, including the alignment of the short horizontal lines in the bank. Isn't it convenient?

Figure 2 The Format Horizontal Line dialog box

Not satisfied with the line style? That's OK, it's also adjustable. Right-click on the horizontal line, select "Borders and Shading" in the pop-up menu, and open the Borders and Shading dialog box. Click the horizontal button in the lower-left corner of the dialog box to open the Horizontal Line dialog box shown in Figure 3. Here slowly pick it, there will always be a suitable, hehe.

Figure 3 The Horizontal Line dialog box

Is it clear now? Use the borders and shading, set horizontal line formatting two commands to make the required dash.

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