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Today share a use of SEO to make money the basic idea is: Use other people's fame to earn their own money. Simply put, the use of more well-known brand keywords to do their own site traffic.

For example: A friend who likes to read novels knows a novel website called "Burning Wen Novel Net", "Burning Wen novel net" the key word Baidu index also reaches about 2500.


And the way to achieve profitability is the use of SEO will be a novel website keyword "Burning wen novel network" Row to Baidu home front several, such as I put a customer's website: http://www.egoynf.com/keyword "Burning wen novel network" To do the Baidu home page fourth.


In this way, the customer uses the "Burning Wen novel network" This keyword easy to get more than 500IP per day traffic, sometimes can reach more than 1000IP, brought some economic benefits, do not say other ads, only to hang the window words of the daily income reached 30-50 yuan (the current window ads row price of 50 yuan/ 1000 eject).

Another example: In the city I live in-Tangshan, there is a relatively well-known entity books and periodicals-"Hebei joint Information", and I did the Tangshan Bai www.0315ren.com after nearly 50 days of time will be the key words "Hebei joint information" This keyword Baidu home second, and related keywords " Tangshan joint information, "Joint information" and other keywords have done Baidu Home front several, then, light a few keywords to my site-Tangshan Bai brought nearly 400ip of traffic (for the local site has been very good Austrian), and because of the magazine "Hebei Joint Information" The original is to do the local classification information, and my Tangshan Bai theme is consistent, so that Internet users into the site is what netizens want to find content, PV browsing volume is high, conversion rate is high.


Evaluation: The advantages of this is mainly, these local brands or well-known sites, the keyword heat is generally relatively high, and do this keyword SEO is not generally difficult, after all, called the same name of the site or brand site very little .... More benefits everyone to experience it ...

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