Easy way to prevent your wireless network from being used right away

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One, add unlimited password:

The simplest way is to add a password to your unlimited network, personal advice password do not set too simple, too simple words are easy to be exploited by others to crack software. It's a good idea to add special characters to the password setting, so that it takes a long time to crack.

Second, turn off the SSID:

Turn off your SSID (LAN name information) This method is to completely shadow your wireless link name, others will not find your wireless network when searching, including you can not find, so you can only manually enter the link.

Third, stop the DHCP service:

Stop your DHCP service, which is primarily a function of automatically assigning IP addresses, in theory, each computer has a specified IP address to communicate with other links. You only need to use a default network segment to effectively prevent others from embezzlement.

Four, Mac filter address:

Using the MAC filter address, Mac is generally displayed in the router's browsing statistics interface, you can also enter Ipconfig/all in the DOS system to find physical address behind the Mac.

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