Easypanel free VPS panel installation and addition of site applications and support for Linux/Windows

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Whether or not we have used WEB panels during the use of VPS and server site building processes, we do not have to question whether the VPS panel is really convenient for site building. Especially for users who have just transitioned from virtual hosts to VPS and servers, especially for Linux server systems, it is difficult for us to learn and use commands to install the WEB environment or maintain the environment.
Our users prefer to install visual VPS panels, for example, in the previous articles, Lao Jiang also shared the installation and use of common or uncommon panel in China and abroad, such as AMH, WDCP, Kloxo-MR, ZPanel, Virtualmin/Webmin. It should be said that each panel has a certain user group. Today, when he was wandering around the relevant website, he came into contact with Easypanel panel from China.
Easypanel free VPS panel can be based on CentOS5 or CentOS6, and Windows system multi-system version. The Easypanel is integrated into the kangle web server environment. The latter provides paid services, but the Easypanel is free to use. Previously, Chiang has heard of it but it has never been installed. In this article, we will try to install this panel in the CentOS6 environment to check whether the interface and installation process are complex.
There were several VPS panels shared before:
1. Virtualmin/Webmin free VPS host/server website management panel installation and settings
2. ZPanel free VPS host control installation and simple application introduction
1. Easypanel installation script
The code is as follows: Copy code
Yum-y install wget; wget http://download.kanglesoft.com/easypanel/ep.sh-O ep. sh; sh ep. sh
Here we use the official one-click installation package. Currently, Linux can be installed only in CentOS5 or CentOS6. After the preceding script is entered, the system automatically installs required WEB environments, such as kangle, easypanel, proftpd, and mysql.
Based on the server speed, the above interface indicates that the EasyPanel has been installed.
2. Log on to the EasyPanel and use it.
The code is as follows: Copy code
Management Panel URL: http: // server IP address: 3312/admin/
Independent website management: http: // IP address of the server: 3312/vhost/
Log on to the management panel. The default user name is admin and the password is kangle.
After logging on to the EasyPanel for the first time, we need to perform initialization settings to set MYSQL database information, panel port, security password, FTP port, and other information.
Third, EasyPanel adds sites and databases
After setting the basic EasyPanel configuration, you can set the panel to add a site.
1. Add a site
After setting the site name, we can go to the site we have already set and add and bind the domain name.
Here we can see the current site. You can add and bind domain names, set bandwidth and cache for the current site, manage site files, and decompress and compress files online, including data backup. It seems like cPanel panel management, which is more convenient.
2. Add a database
Database management is simple. You can directly go to the PHPMYADMIN panel and add and manage databases.
IV. Features of EasyPanel
1. Bind a domain name
EasyPanel is slightly different from the panel we have used. For example, after adding a site name, we do not directly add a domain name, but add a site and then bind a domain name.
2. Online file manager
We should be good at learning to use excellent features of tools, such as file manager which can quickly decompress and compress, so as to improve the efficiency of website operations and management.
3. Back up data
The built-in One-Click BACKUP tool allows you to quickly back up website data to the BACKUP directory.
4. Security functions
EasyPanel also comes with common panel functions, such as anti-CC attack, parameter filtering, and log analysis.
Fifth, EasyPanel panel summary
EasyPanel free panel installation and basic applications are relatively simple and practical. EasyPanel supports Windows and LINUX systems, but the latter only supports CENTOS6 and 5 versions, in addition, the website construction process is relatively simple, and panel operations are rich. If you are a friend of EasyPanel, you can leave a message about the use of this panel.
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