Easyrecovery How to recover deleted files from a hard drive

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Easyrecovery is a data recovery software produced by Kroll Ontrack , a world-renowned data manufacturer . can help you recover lost data and rebuild the file system. With its powerful recovery capabilities, many users are favored and recognized, helping many companies or individuals to solve a lot of file recovery challenges. Data Recovery software which is good ? the following is a "How to recover hard disk deleted files" as an example, to explain in detail the recovery method.

Open the software, click "Continue", go to the wizard step one: Select the media type, you can see the easyrecovery storage media into 5 media types: Hard drives, memory devices or memory sticks, optical media, Multimedia / mobile devices, and RAID systems.

Here to restore the hard disk deleted files, select "Hard Drive", click "Continue".

In the second step, select the volume you want to scan, select the G -Disk here, and click "Continue".

In the third step, select "Recover Deleted Files" and click "Continue".

Fourth step, check your options, then click "Continue", the software will automatically scan the disk, and then patiently wait for the recovery process.

Fifth step, choose the file you want to recover from the successful interface, right click "Save As", you can successfully recover the files you want.

Note: The biggest bogey of data recovery is the loss of data to a new file in the partition where the data is to be recovered. The new file can cause serious damage to the missing files, and may even lead to a complete recovery. Therefore, when the file is lost, it must not be saved to the partition that needs to recover the data into a new file. Shut down all unnecessary software. Then use professional easyrecovery software to scan and recover as soon as possible.

Easyrecovery How to recover deleted files from a hard drive

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