Easyui use Kindeditor 4.1.10 in Windows to not echo in IE9 and get focus editing issues

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Description: kindeditor4.1.10 version is the latest version, in terms of browser compatibility and features are worth a praise, in the development of a quick and easy to meet some development needs.

Problem: There are always problems. In the process of use, when you encounter Easyui in the Windows window to use the Kindeditor edit box, click Open, in IE9 can not echo (Modify function), get focus editing.

Other IE versions, Firefox, Chrome and other popular browsers are no problem.

Cause: After the tracking debugging test, the initial understanding of the problem is that the page Easyui and Kindeditor style loading order is inconsistent, the corresponding ID selector does not correctly match to the correct page properties.

Problem Resolution inspiration comes from the official case page http://kindeditor.net/ke4/examples/dynamic-load.html

How to resolve:

//Resolve IE9 cannot be edited

var editor; $ (' #I '). Window ({onOpen:function() {editor= Kindeditor.create (' #groupinforemark ', {resizetype:1, Allowpreviewemoticons:false, Allowimageupload:false, MinWidth:500, items: [' FontName ', ' fontsize ', ' | ', ' forecolor ', ' hilitecolor ', ' bold ', ' italic ', ' underline ', ' Removeformat ', ' | ', ' justifyleft ', ' justifycenter ', ' justifyright ', ' insertorderedlist ', ' Insertunorderedlist ', ' | ', ' emoticons ', ' image ', ' link '] }); }, Onbeforeclose:function () { //Close dialog before removing the editorKindeditor.remove (' #groupinforemark '); } });

When the corresponding window window opens, we initialize the Kindeditor control, display it, and remove it when it is closed.

Problem solving.

Easyui use Kindeditor 4.1.10 in Windows to not echo in IE9 and get focus editing issues

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