Eat the emerald restaurant next to the New World in Hong Kong at Huaihai Road, Luwan District

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Friends have dinner on Sunday.
I must tell you that I admire my friend's wife most yesterday. Ceci. she graduated from Jiaotong University and went to P & G. Her vision and skill made me sigh. A girl in her twenties can still see clearly in a well design system, which is rare. I have to say that I admire Ge, P & G people. The two of them are really interesting to me: a talented man from Fudan married the beautiful man of Jiaotong University :)
Yesterday, I was very knowledgeable. I went to literacy for VC, starup, and big companies. Everyone was very happy to talk about it. I asked countless questions that showed my ignorance, but I was brave enough to ask.
We spent a total of 2500 yuan and Ceci Card swiping. Our average price is 230 yuan. It's really expensive. We all use it: how to order it here? Looking at me, I can only say: am sorry...
Unfortunately, my cell phone ran out of power yesterday and I didn't take photos. LG was glad that I couldn't take pictures. He thought I was annoying and always took photos like a farmer entering the city.
Address:Room b110, New World Tower, Hong Kong, No. 300 Huaihai Middle Road, Luwan District (near Madang Road)

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