Ebola virus death shows a large number of health care workers?

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According to the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) data provided. Untilto OneMonth4Ebola virus-infected health care workers rose to549people. Among311people die.

8 Month 8 Day, who ( W.H.O. first confirmed that the epidemic in West Africa was an outbreak of Ebola disease.

To date, the number of deaths of Ebola patients exceeds 5,000 people (this number is not well-collected), and there is this 311 Ebola medical staff. It is surprising why so many health care workers have died with Ebola patients. Don't Ebola care workers have a sense of self-protection? Not also.

in fact, the Ebola virus can spread rapidly through "interpersonal contagion". The so-called "interpersonal Contagion". It's not as simple as the bird flu infection. There are many ways to spread the Ebola virus. A lot of small communication links. The average person is not imagined. For example, the use of bedding, clothing, etc. (e.g.bedding, clothing) in contact with Ebola patients is likely to infect the Ebola virus. Studies have shown that the Ebola virus (a diameter of nano-sized) can even penetrate healthy skin into the body's blood system.

Ebola medical staff are exposed to patients throughout the day. Accidentally, touching anything with the patient's body fluids (including human sweat secretion) of the items, the Ebola virus will come to the door.

As you know, families of Ebola patients or relatives who are in contact with them are inevitably infected with Ebola as new Ebola patients. The Ebola virus is highly contagious. Therefore, who (W.H.O.) identified the Ebola outbreak in West Africa as a worldwide "emergency" of public health (8Month8day), this event will certainly load the history of mankind register, we are witnesses.

now. Human beings are fighting the Ebola virus, so it is urgent to develop gene drugs to fight Ebola. We believe that, under the powerful power of human technology weapons, the Ebola virus on Earth will be completely wiped out!

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Ebola virus death shows a large number of health care workers?

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