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Bring your game ideas to life-with guidance from a Windows programming legend

Begin creating your own game apps for Windows Phone 7-guided by the consummate teacher, award-winning author Charles Petzold. focusing on the xNa 2D framework and the C # language, you'll learn how to extend your existing skills-mastering core concepts and techniques for this new mobile platform. as always, Charles brings a unique combination of pragmatism and inspiration to his instruction-along with a wealth of hands-on examples.

Note: This book is the printed, xNa-focused edition of programming Windows Phone 7, which is available as a free ebook from the Microsoft download center. A Microsoft Silverlight-focused edition is also available for sale in print (ISBN 978-0-7356-5667-3 ). the Microsoft ebook covers both xNa and Silverlight in one volume.

Discover how:

    • Develop high-performance xNa 2D games
    • Create and animate text and sprites
    • Capture and embed bitmaps, balancing performance issues
    • Support multi-touch input-including TAP, drag, flick, and pinch
    • Manipulate bitmaps at the pixel level
    • Apply Dynamic textures
    • Work with transforms
    • Put components together for touch-and-play and tilt-and-play games
    • Test-drive your game on Windows Phone emulator

Get code samples on the Web: For system requirements, see the introduction.

About the author
Charles Petzold has been writing about programming for Windows-based operating systems for 24 years. A Microsoft MVP for client application development and a Windows Pioneer Award winner, Petzold is author of the classic programming windows, currently in its own th edition and one of the best-known programming books of all time; the widely acclaimed code: the hidden language of computer hardware and software; and more than a dozen other books

Book details

    • Paperback:432 pages
    • Publisher:Microsoft Press (December, 2010)
    • Language:English
    • ISBN-10:073565669x
    • ISBN-13:978-0735656697
    • File Size:7.8 MIB

download: microsoft.press.microsoft.xna.framework.edition.programming.windows.phone.7.dec.2010.rar

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