EBS R12 ar Module Settings

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1. Set ou
Inventory, vision operation (usr)-> setup-> organizations-> Organization

2. Associate ou with ledger

3. Define System Options (receivables Manager-> setup-> system-> System Options)
Before setting system options, you must set the preset file MO: operating unit or MO: security profile (generally, you only need to set MO: operating unit and MO: security profile will be set by default)

Define System Options (accounting subjects)

Define System Options (transaction processing and customer)

Define System Options (Miscellaneous)

4. Define the payment conditions (receivables Manager-> setup-> transactions-> payment terms)

5. Open the accounting period (receivables Manager> contorls> accounting> open/close periods)

6. Define automatic accounting (ou and ledger are associated, and the account structure is automatically associated on the automatic accounting interface). Receivables Manager-> setup-> autoaccounting
Automatic accounting must be set for all existing types in the system

Select the structure segment of table name (you can set the account involved in automatic accounting at the customer location Layer/transaction processing type/salesperson Layer/standard row layer: (retriable account/revenue account/freight account/
Tax Account/cleaning account/unearned revenue account/unbilled retriable account)
For example, site (ra_site_users) takes the value of the gdmc_cc segment set on the customer location layer when the value is automatically set.



7. Set the transaction receivable processing type (receivables Manager-> setup-> transactions-> transaction type)

8. Set the transaction processing source (the source can be set only after the transaction processing type is set). Receivables Manager-> setup-> transactions-> sources
Generally, it creates sources for both import and manual transaction processing.

9. Define the receivables activity (you must set the Party's tax configuration file before that). Receivables Manager-> setup-> retriable activities
9.1 define the bizid configuration file: tax administrator-> Parties-> party tax profiles
(If the search result is empty, check whether location is set for the OU. If no location is set for the ou
Receivables Manager-> setup-> system-> organizations-> organization setting location <location is defined on the legal entity settings page

Before defining receivables Manager> setup> system> organizations> organization> location, you must set
HR: Set User Type Profile to HR user>


9.2 update tax Profile
Enable legal person reservation to 'yes'

10. Define the collection type and payment method (define the Bank/branch account before defining the collection type). Receivables Manager-> setup-> receipts-> receipclass
Before defining the collection category, run the request 'replace seed data'. Otherwise, the no data found error will be reported when the interface is opened.

11. Define the collection source (receivables Manager-> setup-> receipts-> receipsource)

12. Define the import address (receivables Manager-> setup-> Print-> remit-to addresses)

13. Set the configuration file

GL: Set sub-ledger attributes under the main ledger, and set Association ou for the main ledger

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