Echarts implementation data (tooltip) auto-Carousel Plugin

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Recently, projects like this have been done at work. The use of Baidu's echarts this open-source data visualization framework.

Because the splash screen project is not like a PC-side web, it does not allow users to interact with the mouse and keyboard. Some charts can only see the proportion of each part and cannot display a specific value.
Like what:

Let the page data (that is, tootips) automatically carousel data, the effect is this.

So Echarts-auto-tooltips was born.

GitHub Address

How to use
    1. Introduction of Ehcrts-auto-tooltips
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/echarts-auto-tooltip.js"></script>
    1. Add the following code under the code that initializes the Echarts instance and generates the chart through the SetOption method
// 使用指定的配置项和数据显示图表myChart.setOption(option);tools.loopShowTooltip(myChart, option, {loopSeries: true}); // 使用本插件
Parameter description

MyChart: Initializing an instance of Echarts

Option: Specify configuration items and data for the chart

Loopoption: Configuration of this plugin

Properties Description Default Value
Interval Carousel time interval, in milliseconds Default is 2000
Loopseries True indicates that Tooltip,false for all series displays the tooltip for the specified seriesindex Boolean type, default = False
Seriesindex Specifies that a series (series index in option) cycles through the ToolTip and executes from the Seriesindex series when Loopseries is true. Default is 0
Instance Code
function Drawsensitivefile () {Let mychart = Echarts.init (document.getElementById (' sensitive-file ')); Let option = {title: {text: ' Sensitive file distribution analysis ', x: ' + ', TextStyle: {col Or: ' #fff '}, tooltip: {trigger: ' item ', formatter: ' {a} <br/>{b}            : {C} ({d}%) ",}, Legend: {type: ' scroll ', Orient: ' Vertical ', right:10,                TOP:20, BOTTOM:20, data: [' personnel ', ' research and Development ', ' marketing class ', ' Customer Information class '], TextStyle: {                Color: ' #fff '}, series: [{name: ' Number of sensitive file distributions ',                    Type: ' Pie ', radius: ' 55% ', center: [' 50% ', ' 60% '], data: [                     {value:335, Name: ' Personnel class '}, {value:310, Name: ' Research and Development class '}, {value:234, Name: ' Marketing class '}, {value:1548, name: ' Customer information class '}], ItemStyle: {emphasis: {shadowblur:                    Ten, shadowoffsetx:0, Shadowcolor: ' Rgba (0, 0, 0, 0.5) ' }}, Labelline: {normal: {//length:5,//change marker line                    Length LineStyle: {color: "#fff"//change the color of the marker line}  },}, Label: {normal: {textStyle:                {color: ' #fff '//change the color of the marked text}}    },            }        ]    };    mychart.setoption (option); Tools.loopshowtooltip (mychart, option, {loopseries:true});}

Echarts Implementation data (tooltip) auto-Carousel plugin

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