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EchotheSTRING (s) tostandardoutput.-ndonotoutputthetrailingnewline output text does not wrap-eenableinterpretationofbackslashescapes interprets the escape character with the special character behind it as special meaning...

Echo the STRING (s) to standard output.

-N do not output the trailing newline
Output text does not wrap
-E enable interpretation of backslash escapes
The escape character and the special character behind it are interpreted as special meanings.
-E disable interpretation of backslash escapes
Escape characters are not interpreted.
-- Help display this help and exit
-- Version
Output version information and exit
Display version and other information
If-e is in effect, the following sequences are
Recognized: when-EIS used, the special characters are as follows:

\ Backslash
Show \
\ A alert (BEL)
Generate an alarm
\ B backspace
Delete the previous character
\ C produce no further output
Do not add line breaks.
\ E escape
One forward character
\ F form feed
Line feed but the cursor stays at the original position
\ N new line
Line Feed
\ R carriage return
Move the cursor to the beginning of the line without line breaks
\ T horizontal tab
Insert TAB
\ V vertical tab
Line feed but the cursor stays at the original position
\ 0NNN byte with octal value NNN (1 to 3 digits)
ASCII bytes represented by octal
\ XHH byte with hexadecimal value HH (1 to 2 dig-
ASCII bytes in hexadecimal notation

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