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Try adding a plug-in for a Chinese package with eclipse:
Found a lot of people have summed up the comparison is complete, so copied a
This article describes how to install the Eclipse plug-in. There are three ways to install the Eclipse plug-in: Copy directly, use the link file, and plug-in installation using Eclipse's own graphical interface.

As one of the most popular open source Ides of the moment, one of Eclipse's great strengths is its myriad of great plugins. A good plug-in can greatly improve our productivity, learning how to install the Eclipse plugin is a compulsory course. The installation methods of the Eclipse plug-in are described below.

There are three ways to install the Eclipse plugin:

The first type: Direct Copy method

Assuming your eclipse is in (C:\eclipse), unzip the eclipse plugin you downloaded or install the Eclipse plugin into the specified directory AA (C:\AA) folder, open the AA folder, In the AA folder contains two folders features and plugins, and then the files in two folders are copied to the corresponding folder under Eclipse features and plugins, the general plug-in files directly copied To the Eclipse directory is the most direct and most stupid way! Because it will be very difficult to remove these plugins in the future! Not recommended for strong columns!!

Note: After extracting the plug-in package directly under the Plugins folder, restarting Eclipse may not load the new plugin.

The workaround is to:

1. Open the command line to the current Eclipse directory, enter Eclipse-clean, and restart Eclipse, so eclipse will add a new plugin.

2, if the plug-in can not be upgraded, then please delete the Eclipse\configuration\org.eclipse.update directory before starting eclipse:)

You can see the newly installed plugins in the Eclipse menu "Help" and "About Eclipse SDK"--"Feature details" and "plug-in details".

The second type: Using the link file method

A. Assuming that your eclipse is in (C:\eclipse), under this folder, create a new directory structure (C:\ECLIPSE\PLUGINSECLIPSE\JODE\ECLIPSE),

B. Unzip the eclipse plugin you downloaded or install the Eclipse plugin into the specified directory bb (C:\BB) folder, open the BB folder, and copy the two folders in the BB folder features and plugins to the newly created eclipse (c: \ Eclipse\pluginseclipse\jode\eclipse, so there are two plug-in directories features and plugins in Eclipse.

C. Create a new links (C:\eclipse\links) directory in the Eclipse (C:\eclipse) directory, and create a text file with the link extension in the links directory, such as, with the following path=c:/eclipse Directory of/pluginseclipse/jode or Path=c:\eclipse\pluginseclipse\jode plugins)

Restarting the Eclipse plug-in will complete the installation.

Note: The path path of the Path= plugin directory in the link file is separated by \ or/

You can see the newly installed plugins in the Eclipse menu "Help" and "About Eclipse SDK"--"Feature details" and "plug-in details".

Third: Plug-in installation method using Eclipse's own graphical interface

Select Help > Software Updates > Manager Configuration
Select Add > Extension location to find the directory where you want to install the plugin. Using Eclipse's Help->softwareupdates

Find and install ... search for new features ... Enter the software installation address to install strongly recommend this method, a lot of advantages such as can square

Add Delete, do not write your own link file!

Note: The directory structure of the Eclipse plugin

. eclipseextension

The directory referred to in the 2.3 method refers to the "Eclipse" directory,

If you use the 3rd method, you must have files in the Eclipse directory. Eclipseextension, if you do not have this file under the plugin,
That's right. The file under the Eclipse installation directory is on the past! Only have such a file on it, the content is useless, mainly some version information! For example:

Id=org.eclipse.platform Name=eclipse Platform
The above describes three ways to install the Eclipse plugin.

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Eclipse Add New Plugin

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