Eclipse Add WebLogic Plugin

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This 99% copies others, 1% of the integration. Eclipse Luna installs WebLogic Server tools plug-ins and configuration WebLogic 

1. First download Eclipse,

2. Download the WebLogic Server Tools for Eclipse plug-in, (Access address:   Index.html, if you have eclipse, choose to download the plugin or install it online, or download the eclipse that has integrated WebLogic plugin directly.


Here I chose to install in Eclipse, so copy the address

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1. Open the eclipse's install new software page, help----installed on software new.

2. Go to the Installation page

3. Click Add

Enter Oepe in name (you can fill it out, just mark what the URL is), enter the location repository/(the latest version is, the address is, But the latest version requires JDK 8), click OK.

4. There is a selectable interface for installation

Tap the Tools down menu, select Oracle Weblogic Server Tools, and click Next.

5, enter the confirmation selection interface

Click Next.

6. Agreement page

This page shows the protocols required to install WebLogic Server tools, directly select the I accept the terms of the license agreements, click Finish.

7. Start the installation

After the installation is complete, you will need to restart Eclipse and click Restart.

2 Add WebLogic Server Runtime Environment

1. Open Eclipse Preferences, Window---Preferences.

2. Open server--Runtime environments

Click Add to add a new server runtime environment.

3. Add a new server operating environment

Select Oracle Weblogic Server 12c (12.1.3) under Weblogic, and click Next.

4. Select the relevant configuration of WebLogic Server

Select WebLogic Home, you need to select the Wlserver directory under the WebLogic installation directory, Java home will be automatically added, you can manually select, click Finish.

3 Add WebLogic Server server

1, in Servers display view, right-click, select New Server

2. Select Server

Select Oracle Weblogic Server 12c (12.1.3) under Weblogic, select the running environment you just added in Server Runtime Environment, and click Next.

3. Select WebLogic Domain

Select domain directory, which can be selected by selecting the button after the input box and clicking Finish.

4. Complete

You can now start, deploy, and debug through Eclipse's connection to WebLogic server.

Eclipse Add WebLogic Plugin

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