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Eclipse's approach to adding jquery hints via Spket
Eclipse installation plug-ins support jquery Smart tips

Recently working with the jquery plug-in, you need to install the Eclipse plug-in to support the jquery smart hints, search the web for a few, commonly used three plug-ins to support jquery Smart tips:

You need to install eclipse before installing the plugin, if Eclipse is installed, you can see the following plug-in installation method, I use Fedora 12, the following actions:
1. Directly open "Application"--> "System Tool"--> "terminal"
2. Enter command "su", this command is temporarily switch to root user
3. Enter the password for the root user
4. Enter command "Yum install Eclipse"
5. After the installation is successful, you can--> "eclipse" in the "Application"--> "Programming", open the view version for Eclipse 3.5.1, and of course, you can download the installation directly, this is no longer elaborate, after installation, the relevant plug-ins can be installed.

The following are the installation methods for three plug-ins:
The installation method of JQUERYWTP (official):
Step1:download Jquerywtp_version.jar
Step2:find you Eclipse Plugin org.eclipse.wst.javascript.ui_xxxxxxx.jar,backup the Plugin.
Step3:double Click the jar file or run with command Java-jar JqueryWTP.version.jar
Step4:on the opened swing ui,choose Org.eclipse.wst.javascript.ui_xxxxxxx.jar,and output dir.
Step5:click Generate button.
Step6:replace old Org.eclipse.wst.javascript.ui_xxxxxxx.jar file with the generated file.
Step7:restart Eclipse.
Step8:open a HTML file,edit JS content.

Home page of the JQUERYWTP plug-in project:
But after downloading the Jquerywtp0.31focn.jar, according to the installation tutorials are mentioned in a plugin directory under the Org.eclipse.wst.javascript.ui_ Xxxxxxx.jar file, but my eclipse directory doesn't want to find this file at all, so I can't use the JQUERYWTP plug-in smart tip.

After looking closely at the home page of the JQUERYWTP plug-in project, the eclipse's WTP supports JavaScript's code completion, but it's simple, and the goal of not supporting JQUERY,JQUERYWTP is to let eclipse WTP supports jquery, and it needs to be explained that the plug-in is also supported for MyEclipse based on Eclipse WTP tools.
Based on this sentence, you can guess why you can't find the Org.eclipse.wst.javascript.ui_xxxxxxx.jar file in the plugin directory, possibly because the Eclipse WTP plugin is not installed, Since the following two methods are installed successfully and support jquery smart hints, the conjecture here is not yet validated.

Ii. installation methods of Spket (two ways):
1. Online Installation: Help->install New software...->add...->name: "Spket",
location: is complete to restart Eclipse.
2. Manual installation: To download Plugin version, the current version of the 1.6.17. Download the extract and place it directly in the Eclipse Dropins directory to restart Eclipse.
3. Download the jquery file (to download the development version).
4. Set Spket, window-> Preferences-> spket-> JavaScript Profiles New, enter "jquery" click OK; Select "jquery" and click "Add Lib Rary "then select" jquery "in the dropdown bar, select" jquery "and click" Add file ", then select the Jquery.js file you downloaded, set to default;
5. Set JS Open mode (This step is important, do not set, there will be no smart hints jquery), Window-> Preferences->general-> editors-> File associations- > select *.js to set the Spket JavaScript editor to default.
6. Create a new JS file, jquery automatic hint.

Third, the installation method of Aptana:
Aptana installation is relatively simple, the direct installation of the jquery support of smart tips, and smart hints are also more powerful, according to the following installation can be used, it is strongly recommended that beginners can use this method to install:
1. Online Installation: Help->install New software...->add...->name: "Aptana",
Location: Download complete reboot Eclipse,aptana plugin installed successfully, JavaScript smart hints are supported, but jquery smart hints are not supported, and plug-ins that support the jquery smart prompt need to be installed.
2.window->my Studio opens Aptana's homepage, clicks on the plugins above the homepage, selects the jquery Support below Ajax, clicks get it to install the jquery smart hint plugin, as shown in:

3. A new JS file will have a jquery smart hint.

In addition, if these three plug-ins are installed successfully, you want to select one of the plug-ins to use, if the operation? The method is as follows:
Window->preferences->general->editors->file associations, select "*.js" and select "Aptana js Editor" or "Spket JavaScript Editor is set to default.

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