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It has always been easy to use eclipse and tomcat in combination. However, when I recently tried Tomcat 7, I suddenly found that deploying web services to Tomcat is not as simple as before. It was very depressing that there was no progress in the last few hours of hard work in major technical forums last night. However, I was lucky to find a good help article when I fell asleep.


This site is from a forum (it seems like csdn, but it is not so clear to be honest
This is a foreign offering
Personalized J2EE training site, Maybe tomcat7.0 was successfully configured to eclipse, so I was very impressed with this attempt. I decided to write a translation for the methods used by eclipse and tomcat7.0, hope that the rough products can help those who are as troubled as me.


If you can, you can follow the site prompts for step-by-step operations. The author's description of the entire process is very clear. After all, it is not very complicated to put it bluntly. However, in order to prevent site updates, or some people are reluctant to read the site in English, we will give a brief introduction here.

As the article title"
Tutorial: Installing
Install Tomcat 7 and using it with eclipse and use it with eclipse. The first thing to note is that Tomcat 7 uses the servlet3.0 version and the JDK must be at least 1.6 or later. If your JDK version is not enough, you can go to the Oracle official website to download the latest version or a later version of JDK that supports Tomcat 7.


This article only briefly introduces the first step. Other steps are also worth reading, at least higher than the results selected by Chinese search engines.

  • Download Java 6 or later
  • Download tomcat7.0.8 and install it locally. Then, download the context under "/tomcat 7.0/conf" in the installation directory. XML, server. XML and Web. copy three XML files to the "conf" file in the installation directory.
  • Download from the eclipse website
    "Eclipse IDE for Java EE developers". I downloaded eclipse 3.6 (Helios) for Tomcat 7 and installed it to enter the workspace.
  • Configure Tomcat 7 in the servers view of eclipse to notify eclipse of the installation path of Tomcat 7.
  • Start tomcat in the servers view and visit the default Tomcat homepage http: // localhost: 8080/. If port 8080 is occupied, set it to an unused port number and access it again. At this time, a 404 error will occur, but you can at least make sure That tomcat 7 is correctly configured. You need to copy the root folder under the "webapp" installed directory to the eclipse workspace.

    "/. Metadata/. plugins/org. Eclipse. WST. server. Core/tmp0/wtpwebapps"
    Directory to overwrite
  • Accessible without modifying the port number
    Http: // localhost: 8080/. If you modify the port number, access the desired port. The welcome page of Tomcat appears.
  • Then you can import some simple sample examples and access them. You can also create a dynamic web project and experience the features of servlet3.0, jsp2.2, and el2.2.

Congratulations, and your troubles will be solved naturally. If you have not solved your problem, I hope you can find a solution and share it with everyone.


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