Eclipse debugging prompt: breakpoint Attribute Problem: Installation failed

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In the previous normal project, I did not know whether to accidentally modify the settings or something. When debugging again, the breakpoint always displays "!", Tip:
Breakpoint Attribute Problem: Installation failed. The breakpoint cannot be entered during debugging.

Check that "-G" has been added to the compilation options, and there is no problem when I use GDB for direct debugging: You can add breakpoints and debug ~


Helpless, Baidu does not seem to have seen anyone. Google does not have a solution after reading many foreign posts. It seems that there is an official explanation that GDB is currently a bug in eclipse...


Later, I loaded the version of the project yesterday. I checked the settings in the project and preferences carefully and found no difference. I was wondering when I re-imported the project that could not be debugged again. After clearing the project, I was able to debug again...


I want to reproduce the problem and see if re-loading the project can solve the problem. Why can't I reproduce the problem...


Write down this question first and study it later ~


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