Eclipse extension Activiti-desinger installation--activiti BPM

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Activiti-desinger Workflow Drawing Tool is divided into online installation, offline installation Two ways: provide the current version of the Eclipse information

1.1 Online Installation

Open Eclipse, Help, Install New software-> Add

Figure 1.1.1

Figure 1.1.2

Name:activiti BPMN 2.0 Desinger


Click the OK button to display the following screen, followed by next until completion. Note: The following interface is not immediately present when the network speed is slow.

Figure 1.1.3

1.2 Offline installation

Prepare the Activiti-desinger offline installation package beforehand.

Click Archive in the window that pops up after 1.1.1 Click the Add button ... button to select the prepared offline package as shown:

Figure 1.2.1

Click OK to complete the display of 1.1.3 The following interface is described in the online installation.

1.3 Installation Complete

An interface that appears as shown in 1.3.1 indicates that the Activiti-desinger Eclipse extension installation is complete.

Figure 1.3.1

1.4 Instructions for using the process designer

Open Menu Window > Preferences > Activiti >save How to generate a flowchart slice

Although the process engine automatically generates images when the BPMN file is deployed separately, in the actual development process, automatically generated images can cause discrepancies with the coordinates in BPMN, and the current location map of the process will be problematic in the actual project.

So after completing the above configuration, we will manage the flowchart slices by ourselves. When the process is released, the process rules file and the flowchart sheet are uploaded together.

Eclipse extension Activiti-desinger installation--activiti BPM

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