Eclipse failed to create the Java Virtual machine problem Resolution

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1, problem description

As the title shows, this problem occurs when eclipse is turned on, and it is strange that there have been no previous problems:

2, problem analysis

Failed to create the Java Virtual machine, which translates to the idea that you cannot create a Java VM.

To see such a problem, the first thing to think of is two questions, first, whether there are missing files, resulting in the virtual machine can not start. Think it is not possible, the file is missing, should not be able to start before, and then consider whether there are files are recycled by the security software (360 old do this kind of thing), open 360 does not seem to find this problem.

Then the second situation, may be insufficient memory, causing the virtual machine can not be turned on, but my Computer configuration is 6G of memory, supposedly should not be a memory problem. What's the problem? A search on Google, found on StackOverflow, should modify the values of the following eclipse configuration.

3. Solutions

Should follow the change, here the value, generally take 128 or 256. I can hardly say how to take the value, because sometimes it is the two values changed to change. If it does not solve the problem, it is recommended to restart, the two values can be changed a bit to be done.

4. Concluding remarks

Sometimes the two values of the modification are not working, I will try to increase the value of a bit, such as 512M, and then change back, just fine, as for reasons, not quite clear, may be replaced by the latest Android SDK, resulting in memory reference tension.

Often encounter this problem, make a note.

Eclipse failed to create the Java Virtual machine problem Resolution

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