Eclipse BPMN 2.0 Designer for Activiti workflow Eclipse cannot be installed or (cannot be opened repeatedly after installation *.BPMN)

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1. First. Since learning Activiti workflow, even the official website and the corresponding documents are not downloaded can not be justified

This is the official website. Download:

2. After the download of the extract files, it is very accustomed to see docs/userguide/index.html

Find Chapter 12. Eclipse Designer

Inside will be called How to install the Eclipse BPMN 2.0 designer plugin.

    • Name: Activiti BPMN 2.0 Designer

    • Location :

3. There are times. This plugin is not loaded,

And the official said with the following installation instructions is verified on Eclipse Indigo. Note that Eclipse Helio is not supported.

I use Eclipse is Eclipse-jee-luna, is relatively new, but also can not be installed on the plugin.

Later read HTTP://WWW.SHAREYX.COM/BLOG/2 's article said "The key is Graphiti", and then silly to install this thing.

This is the official website download: (In fact, this thing I used Eclipse-jee-luna stuck can not install)

4. As I was about to give up, I thought of using myeclipse. When you normally install Activiti with a URL . It's actually on.

There is no way to use myeclipse to learn the Activiti workflow

(There may be some small partners that use Activiti, opening *.BPMN without problems at first, but shutting down the myeclipse and reopening.) Discovery could not be opened.

I ventured to guess that you were using someone else's compression pack to cause the installation. If this is the case, I can only say that you still honestly use the URL directly to reload it again. )

Eclipse BPMN 2.0 Designer for Activiti workflow Eclipse cannot be installed or (cannot be opened repeatedly after installation *.BPMN)

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