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This article integrates two reliable ways to make eclipse code highlighting from the Web.

In fact, you can window->proferences->java->editor->syndex coloring->elements: you choose the element tune, but this is very troublesome, because the elements are very many. Of course, you have to see a person's preference.

Two simpler ways to change the theme of a mobile phone, is to use the Eclipse color theme plugin, a complete set of exchange.


Mainly through plug-ins to achieve.

1. Eclipse Color Scheme

You can search the eclipse market for keywords to install, after installation, it comes with the most popular theme. If you need to install additional theme, you can go to the official online reference method.

Open, Preference->general->apperance->color Scheme, choose the background you like. I choose to be oblivion.

This plugin is responsible for setting the text editor area of the theme, which is the middle edit code of the block. When you're done, you'll find that only the text editor area is black, and the rest of the box is white.

2. (This is the all-in-one type, not just the code edit that block for the change)

Change the color of the surrounding box (file Bar, menu bar, etc.)

Download the Dark Juno Theme from the links given below , which modifies the colors of all Eclipse views, and the toolbar becomes a dark theme. Of course, we also need to modify the color theme of the editor.


Once the theme pack has been downloaded, unzip it to the dropins subdirectory of the Eclipse installation directory .

Restart, in Preference->general->apperance, select the theme Dark Juno.

Reference from: Open source China-today Bamboo stone

Eclipse highlighting Code

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