Eclipse indigo (3.7) font Problems

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Eclipse 3.7 was officially released on July 15, June 22, codenamed "Indigo" for the first time. After the initial post-implementation in Windows 7, it was found that the interface did not change much, but the font was completely invisible, it also looks uncomfortable.

The default font used by eclipse is generally the Courier New font. However, when I tried to modify the font back, I found that the font list did not contain this font. After being depressed for a long time, I finally found a solution on the Internet. (Iteye (formerly javaeye, forced to rename due to a name dispute with Oracle) fang199 blog:
The specific cause is the jface problem. As the name suggests, jface is a package that controls the entire eclipse user interface. After opening it, you can see various components (such as menus, dialogs, and panels) in it) font Style and other attributes. And is divided into multiple system attributes (windows7/Vista/XP/NT/2000, Linux, etc ). Note: The default attribute is saved here. After the interface is modified, the value here does not work.

1. Find jface and open it with WinRAR:
Jface specific location: $ eclipse directory $/plugins/org. Eclipse. jface_3.7.0.I20110522-1430.jar, find, open with WinRAR.
2. find and modify the font property: open the file and expand it in sequence:/org/Eclipse/jface/resources. Here, you will see the font settings of different operating systems, such as jfacefonts_hp_ux, properties saves the font settings for the HP-UX system, and saves the font settings for Mac X. Find the font settings of Windows 7/Vista, double-click it, open it with a text compiler, and find Org. eclipse. jface. set the configuration item of textfont.0 to Courier New-Regular. You can also set the font size later. After the modification is complete, save and WinRAR will automatically update the jar package.
3. Start eclipse Indigo. If you have not modified the font, you will see that the font has been changed. But if you have modified the font, reset the font and change it.

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