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Several ways that eclipse installs plug-ins (Eclipse installs the SVN plugin)

  • Here, in fact, the newer version of MAR2 better use. But because in the low-voltage version of the books, Mar2 run, often suspended animation, Kepler can be very smooth. So, if in order to carry a portable low-voltage version of the CPU, MAR2 can not run up, use Kepler bar.

Use Eclipse (Kepler) to install the SVN plugin as an example of several ways to document the Eclipse installation plugin.
1 Eclipse Market Online Installation
2 Eclipse install New software manual Online installation
3 Download plugin, offline install (Eclipse plugin directory, or link custom plugin directory)

1 Eclipse Market Online Installation

In earlier versions of Eclipse, the market was not very easy to use and often did not search for plugins or down. It's convenient to use the market when you forget which version to start with.
This is the recommended way to install, direct search, select the plug-in content to install. There is no need to record reference plug-in locations.

Open Help-, Eclipse market, search for SVN
Select Subclipse,install installation.

Here I choose to use Subclipse, because the habit of TORTOISESVN with the client Tool for code versioning: To create branch parallel development, resolve conflict merge branches, tag and other operations, and with the client can not open eclipse can also operate the directory, And eclipse can operate the same directory at the same time, it feels very convenient.
(The difference between subclipse and subversion is interesting to understand.) Primarily, Subclipse is a project that is directly supported by SVN; Subversion is the official Eclipse plugin for better compatibility)

Accept the agreement and restart Eclipse after installation is complete.
2 Eclipse install new software manual online installation of Help, install new software
Click the Add button, and in the pop-up window, enter the name (the name of the variable) and the URL of the plugin.

Install the SVN plugin here, the URL of the plugin is optional: (Subversion 1.6.x)
Http:// (supported by Subversion 1.7.x) 1.8.x)

  • Subclipse 1.4.x includes and requires Subversion 1.5.x client features and working copy format.

  • Subclipse 1.6.x includes and requires Subversion 1.6.x client features and working copy format.

  • Subclipse 1.8.x includes and requires Subversion 1.7.x client features and working copy format.

  • Subclipse 1.10.x includes and requires Subversion 1.8.x client features and working copy format.

  • Subclipse 1.12.x includes and requires Subversion 1.9.x client features and working copy format

Select Subclipse and Svnkit two, Next.
Accept the agreement and install successfully. Restart takes effect.
3 Download plugin, offline install (Eclipse plugin directory, or link custom plugin directory)

Other offline plugins are installed in the same way.

SVN plugin Directory

(1) Download the required plug-in package: http://www.oschina.NET/p/subclipse/, the package will have "plugins" and "Features" two folders

(2) Locate the "plugins" and "Features" folders under the Eclipse directory and copy the contents of the downloaded SVN name folder to the same folder in Eclipse.
(3) Restart Eclipse.

Link to the specified directory 

(1) Download Subeclipse plugin
(2) Create a new folder under any plugins, create a new folder inside the Subclipse, click Enter, unzip the downloaded Subclipse compressed package in the Subclipse folder
(3) Enter the Eclipse installation directory, create the Links folder, create the file in the folder
(4) Enter the path in the file address: Path=d:\plugins\subclipse
(5) Restart Eclipse with clean (mode: Open cmd, go to eclipse installation directory, execute Eclipse.exe-clean)
(1) Link file name, the folder name of the plug-in, path path name, the three must be consistent!
(2) If you want to temporarily do not start the plugin: Simply remove the link file, or change the path path to a non-plug-in Path

Eclipse Install SVN plugin

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